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    I've been a musician since I was a kid. I've been playing guitar for almost 25 years. I've been in numerous metal and hardcore bands. I went to school in Southern Illinois where I learned how to record / mix / produce records.
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    Fort Wayne, IN
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    Besides the obvious, cooking, eating what I cook, cycling, craft beers.

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  1. For an instrumental doom band, with looooonnnnng songs, they did a phenomenal job of making it flow really nicely so you never get bored. Everytime I finish listening to it I have the feeling that it should've been longer, so I start it over again.
  2. In no particular order. Pallbearer Cough Nortt Bell Witch
  3. I'm looking for work mixing some black metal / doom / death metal, really anything that could be found on this forum. If you've got songs you need mixed, I can help with that. I don't have the equipment to handle actual tracking of instruments besides maybe a guitar or vocal (but I live in Fort Wayne, IN). If you have songs that are mixed but you want someone to master them, let me know too. Hit me up via email, [email protected] and lets have a conversation about what you're trying to accomplish, any questions you might have, and we can discuss everything there. Thanks for reading.
  4. I'm pretty lucky. It was my wife's idea to go. Plus it's a vacation from my work. So I'll take it.
  5. JonLuick


    I remember seeing Mayhem in 2000? at a small bar/club in the suburbs of Chicago. They were touring for Grand Declaration of War. Maniac had broken his arm on the tour so he had a cast on it. I remember they getting there way to early and not being able to drink because I wasn't 21 yet. It was an 18 and over gig, but 21 to drink. I couldn't tell you the songs they played at this point, but it was an awesome time. Someone asked Hellhammer how he played so fast and without skipping a beat he said "coke." Not sure how much truth was in that statement, but everyone around was cracking up. GDOW will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first Mayhem album I purchased. That and DMDS would be my favorites. As much as I tried to get into Esoteric Warfare, I just couldn't. But I do love Ordo Ad Chao as well.
  6. Yes, along with Bell Witch, Wolves in the Throne Room, Pallbearer, Primitive Man and Uada and a bunch of other, I assume, rad bands.
  7. I've been listening to this album a couple times a day since it came out. I love it.
  8. Anyone here going to Vegas in a couple weeks? It should be a blast.
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