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  1. Hi guys! I've been offline from this forum for about 3 years now and my god this place has grown! I can't wait to be making regular contributions again and I hope some of you remember me ;D
  2. One of my favourite bands of all time. I managed to see them live at High Voltage festival in 2010 (With Queensryche playing right before them which was amazing too!) and again in 2011 being supported by Periphery. 3 great band, 2 Perfect gigs.
  3. Postmortem Promises are actually my favourite band of this particular sub-genre. They have a pretty unique sound especially with songs like Self Righteous. That song also has a sick guitar solo
  4. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone that's interested. It's me and my mate Fraser Urquhart performing guitar Duets, there will be a new song every sunday at least so stay tuned if you like what you hear. https://soundcloud.com/liam-mclaughlin-4 We are calling ourselves "The Dozer and the Dreamer" Enjoy! Liam. xx
  5. They are a fantastic band and Michael Romeo is one massively powerful guitar player! Not to mention Russel Allen, who is my favourite singer of the genre.
  6. Hey guys! This place is looking fabulous! I know it's been almost a year since I last logged on so most of you reading this won't know who I am but for those who do I'm back and will be posting regularly from now on
  7. Re: My Lords (and Ladies) of Metal... welcome! growin' by the day eh?
  8. Re: What bands do you want to see live? for some reason i'm expecting a doom festival to just open up where most of these bands are playing you would probably jizz yourself to death at that though
  9. Re: Metallica&Lou Reed Releasing LuLu okay i gave it a listen with my mate last night and we couldn't stop laughing, possibly one of the worst things we've ever heard someone commented saying it's metallica broadening their horizons but if you listen it's just them playing their recycled garbage with lou reed "singing" over the top of it
  10. Re: Metal Babies just saw this thread for the first time and it's bloody hilarious ;L chulz for the lolz
  11. Re: Killswitch Engage there's a black guy on youtube who looks exactly like howard jones and he sings killswitch better than howard does
  12. Re: Periphery i probably wouldn't class them as djent, i'm in the mindset that djent is only a sound, not a genre although it is fastly turning into a genre, it'll be in the dictionary soon
  13. Re: Lamb of God that's like me with playing guitar
  14. Re: The foo! white limo is the best track in the new album by far!
  15. Re: Xerath i think the vocals at the start of unite to defy fucking rock that shit, but they do get a little bit tedious as the album progresses i do see what you mean, a lot of these bands do have rather annoying vocals
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