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    I have been listening to metal for about 20 years. I have been playing guitar since 2001. I also play bass and drums, and I record music by myself.
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    United States
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    Playing guitar, bass, drums. Recording.

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  1. Hello! Here is music from by instrumental one-man band. I play guitars, bass, and drums. I completed all this during the pandemic. My main influences are thrash and death metal, but this probably sounds more like thrash. It's fast and short songs, all with my 7 string guitar. Here's the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Primal.Enigma.Band/ This is the album opener, Breathing Fire: Thanks for your attention (⌐▀ ͜ʖ▀)
  2. I would add Carcass, also pioneers, and Cannibal Corpse because it seems they are among the most successful bands. And in the bands that influenced them I would add Slayer.
  3. In the case of Metallica, a lot of people talk about St Anger as a bad album but I think many are maybe in denial, the true champion of awfulness is Lulu. I have tried listening to it a few times, but I can't listen to just one whole song. It's a major cringe. What's interesting is that people love to hate St Anger, but very few talk about Lulu, like they want to forget it ever happened.
  4. I prefer Metallica over Megadeth. I think Metallica has more legendary hits in their best albums. But I do have a question about the decline of both bands in the 90's. It is my perception that Megadeth fans are not as bothered by Megadeth's change in style in the 90's (starting with Countdown and all the way to Risk) as Metallica fans (and haters) are about Metallica's decline. Does anybody have any explanation? Is it something different in the audience for each band? In my opinion, Megadeth's decline was slower but it was much worse, they went in a pop metal/pop rock direction, whereas Metallica went in a more blues rock direction, which I don't think is as bad. Even St Anger is heavy, the criticism there is due to snare sound, lack of solos, excessive repetition. Maybe the fact that Metallica reached a higher peak than Megadeth and people see a deeper decline? Why the extra hate for Metallica?
  5. I haven't delved much into their most recent album, other than the first song, and it sounds just as good as the old stuff that I really liked. I am listening to it right now and I am noticing an improvement in the drums. Also, recording technology has improved in all these years, so the sound is better. I'll be exploring this more these days. From their posts on facebook I understand that they take breaks, maybe this is a side thing for them. They don't tour a lot. I would like to see them live.
  6. I was looking into this recently. There are companies that offer to distribute your music and to put them in all music platforms like Spotify, itunes, and many others. You may want to google this to get more details but one of the is CD Baby. They take some percentage of the sales, and you keep the rest. There are many more companies that do the same and they offer different deals, percentages, etc. I hope I don't get in banned by giving publicity o_o
  7. I've always had this question, I seriously don't understand why Morta Skuld is so obscure and has so little online presence being that they are such a good band. Does anybody have any hypotheses? They don't even have a wikipedia page!! I even have been tempted to start one. In my opinion Morta Skuld in the early to mid 90's were so good, I would even argue that at some point they were very close to Cannibal Corpse in how much I liked them. I know Cannibal Corpse had a breakthrough with Ace Ventura. But I have always been puzzled by this. Perhaps Morta Skuld always had music as a hobby only? I know they are working on a new album now.
  8. Just letting you know I was your viewer number 666 on youtube. And it's a good song! (⌐▀ ͜ʖ▀)
  9. Hello! I am a metal fan in the USA. I have been listening to metal since approximately 2000. I have always been attracted to scary things, and that's how I became interested in metal. I am very particular in my musical taste and rarely explore new bands, but once I am interested in one band I explore them very much in detail. I love exploring a band's whole discography to see how they evolved, and love to read and see how bands write music and record it. My favorite bands are Metallica, Carcass, Slayer, Death, Pantera, Cannibal Corpse, Iron Maiden, Eodus, Amon Amarth, Kreator, Sepultura. I like several more but these are the main ones. Mostly thrash and death metal. I also play guitar, bass, drums. To a lesser extent I have explored cello and piano. With the pandemic and being stuck at home, I recently finished the recording of enough songs to complete an album, and I am in the process of posting the songs on youtube, slowly, one by one. My plan is to post them to have a way to show people when it comes up in conversation that my hobby is to play musical instruments and record, I can show them the video on youtube. Also, it is a way to test if there is enough response form an audience, and in that case I would take it more seriously and release the album more officially, through several platforms. I am thinking about promoting the videos here in the appropriate section at some point. But mostly my intention is to interact with other metalheads, because I have strong opinions about things. (⌐▀ ͜ʖ▀)
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