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    The one who escaped Hawkins Power and Light to start a metalcore band.
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    Hawkins, IN
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    Stranger Things

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  1. I like Panic! at the Disco and My Chemical Romance. There, I said it.
  2. I'm a huge fan of both. Although I still mourn the end of BB, I'm still bingewatching ST3 on a loop. Share your thoughts on BB and ST here, I guess.
  3. FUCK YES Who else saw the Ryan Reynolds Pikachu movie? xD
  4. Here's looking at one, kid.
  5. Any metal songs inspired by the two greatest shows on television. Please, no songs about D&D, meth, and the 80s. Would like a death metal ballad about Heisenberg and a metalcore song that'll bring the Byers kid back to the Upside Down. C'mon, if there's Star Wars and Seinfeld-based metal bands, there MUST be BB and ST themed bands too?
  6. I have a thirst for the dank. I'm talking Party Cannon-level dank. Must be top kek. Preferrably metal dank memes roasting the autistic emo kids that ruin metal.
  7. Huge fan of Stranger Things, does THAT count? :3
  8. If all else fails, I'll start an 8-bit flamenco metalcore band in which the only words that exit my mouth in every song are "I AM GROOT". Band name, you may ask? "Eleven, the Relatively Considerable Literary Attorney." Coming soon to a venue nearest you.
  9. I have no idea where to put this request. I'm an aspiring metalcore vocalist, so I might form my own band based on my tastes in geekery because there's probably nothing to offer at the table. I am a pretty finnicky person when it comes to music. I'm a metalhead, but I'm also what you'd call a geek. I have been searching far and wide (yes, a Pokémon reference) for metal bands that cater to my tastes, but I've only found a few. The lyrical content that I am seeking for are as follows. -Gaming (Nintendo, COD, Halo, Sega, Playstation, etc) -Science (physics, chemistry, anatomy, theories,
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