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  1. I like Panic! at the Disco and My Chemical Romance. There, I said it.
  2. I'm a huge fan of both. Although I still mourn the end of BB, I'm still bingewatching ST3 on a loop. Share your thoughts on BB and ST here, I guess.
  3. FUCK YES Who else saw the Ryan Reynolds Pikachu movie? xD
  4. Here's looking at one, kid.
  5. Any metal songs inspired by the two greatest shows on television. Please, no songs about D&D, meth, and the 80s. Would like a death metal ballad about Heisenberg and a metalcore song that'll bring the Byers kid back to the Upside Down. C'mon, if there's Star Wars and Seinfeld-based metal bands, there MUST be BB and ST themed bands too?
  6. I have a thirst for the dank. I'm talking Party Cannon-level dank. Must be top kek. Preferrably metal dank memes roasting the autistic emo kids that ruin metal.
  7. Huge fan of Stranger Things, does THAT count? :3
  8. If all else fails, I'll start an 8-bit flamenco metalcore band in which the only words that exit my mouth in every song are "I AM GROOT". Band name, you may ask? "Eleven, the Relatively Considerable Literary Attorney." Coming soon to a venue nearest you.
  9. I have no idea where to put this request. I'm an aspiring metalcore vocalist, so I might form my own band based on my tastes in geekery because there's probably nothing to offer at the table. I am a pretty finnicky person when it comes to music. I'm a metalhead, but I'm also what you'd call a geek. I have been searching far and wide (yes, a Pokémon reference) for metal bands that cater to my tastes, but I've only found a few. The lyrical content that I am seeking for are as follows. -Gaming (Nintendo, COD, Halo, Sega, Playstation, etc) -Science (physics, chemistry, anatomy, theories, scientists) -Robots, computers, technology, coding, cryptocurrency -Bands with refined or high vocabularies (even Shakespearean dialect would be fine!) -Songs/bands inspired by Stranger Things (NOT 80's or D&D inspired bands, bands actually inspired by the Netflix series. There's a metalcore group in my area that had a vocalist who dressed like Eleven {she did some amazing death growls} but it was only a comedy stunt and their recordings aren't online) -Songs/bands inspired by Breaking Bad (NOT meth, songs actually about the show or songs that are pretty much an ode to Walter White) -Songs about memes, specifically Spongebob and Doge -Songs/bands inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Sorry, Iron Man by Black Sabbath, you came out BEFORE the MCU was a thing and I prefer my songs to growl about The Avengers) -Comedy bands According to my tastes, here are the bands that were suggested to me via Google: -The Contortionist (I like them, but their content is mostly about space and aliens and more "sci-fi" than scientific) -Hoth (A Star Wars-inspired blackened death metal band, the only song I like from them is "The Rancor") -z3roc00l (ditto about their discography) -Stovokor (a Klingon death metal band; like z3roc00l, ditto about their discography) -Powerglove (again, I prefer death growl lyrics ABOUT said topics and this band is just instrumental songs from the franchise) -Galactic Empire (see Powerglove above) -The guitar covers of the Stranger Things and the Breaking Bad theme songs (see Powerglove above) -The Ogre Packet Slammers (they're slam, not death or metalcore, and like z3roc00l and Stovokor, ditto about their discography) -xxSpongecorexx (it's just Spongebob quotes set to a "slam/metalcore" soundtrack. No growls about the dankest sponge in the sea.) -Party Cannon (Now this band I actually like. They're like if TDWP and early BMTH songs' titles were actually the lyrical content) -Spinal Tap, Dethklok, Green Jelly (out of all three, Dethklok is the only one that suits my needs, but it's more "serious cartoon soundtrack" than "a song about memes and nonsense") -Odious Mortem (very pleased with their high vocabulary) -For some reason, Slipknot Bands that are not metal that were recommended to me but fit my needs perfectly: -Blaster the Rocketman -They Might Be Giants -Weird Al Yankovic -Weezer -Harvey Danger -Panic! at the Disco (both old and new) -Flight of the Conchords -Coldplay -DEVO -The B-52's -Radiohead -Depeche Mode If only the following artists were supported by hardcore guitar riffs and intense drumming, with their vocals perfectly growled... All bands should preferrably be American/British with Finnish and New Zealander bands also preferred. UPDATE: I'd prefer if the bands use the "least metal words" from this research project frequently.