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    Playing in my band, I play the guitar.. STAY METAL! \m/
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    Going to a music high school "1MU" at Sortland, Norway.

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  1. http://youtu.be/D1kXU2WJwAU http://www.facebook.com/Conferoband Hello metalheads! Me and my band "Confero" decided to finally record an EP! On the YouTube link above you can catch up with our work by watching the studio updates we are making. Currently there is only one, but there will be more! Confero is now playing a kind of Melodic Metal genre. And if you like us on facebook, that would be very cool of you! There will be some teasers and mayby we will upload one or two songs from the upcoming EP before it is released. - Thomas Edvardsen from Confero.
  2. Re: *HELP* I have writers block! That actually sounds like a good idea!
  3. Re: Metal Vs. . . . . . everything else I'm not sure... hmm... Metal.
  4. Re: Lamb of God I know, it's sick! I think he practice more in a week than I do in a couple of months!
  5. Re: Claim Your FREE Metal Forum T-Shirt! I love metal because it makes me feel so alive! when I listen to metal music it is NOTHING but joy! Metal is the reason I started taking an interest in music, and the reason I started playing the guitar. And I do not regret a second of it! It is also about the energy and the feeling in the music especially in screaming vocals. I think screamed vocals are the most energetic and emotional. \m/
  6. Epieth


    Re: Cello! I think you should start playing the cello. The cello can be used to all types of music, but i like it best in metal! : ))))
  7. Epieth

    Pantera !

    Re: Pantera ! DUUDE! Pantera is the perfect band for headbanging! Old good-fashion metal!
  8. Re: Hello people Welcome! This forum is freaking awesome!
  9. Re: Heavy Metal Is The Law Dude, thank you! We are soon going to a studio for some real recording.
  10. Re: Describe the user above you with 3-5 Words! Cool, Awesome, Guitar player
  11. Re: What gear do you have ? I own a Les Paul Epiphone Standard (I am soon buying a ESP Horizon NT-2) I have the Line 6 Pod HD500 effect board. And I also have an Vox VT-50 amp.
  12. Epieth


    I would say that Periphery is classified as groove metal. All of their riffs is groove with the djenty guitar sound! And I think this is the second thread for them, I'm not sure but I think they deserve to be here and in the Djent group!
  13. Epieth


    Re: Pantera! haha, the Holy thread! I like the sound of that! Pantera is awesome and not to mention full of life!
  14. Re: What bands do you want to see live? Nice guys, u all listen to GREAT music!
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