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  1. I really like the new Saxon album... and their last one was really good too.
  2. TV shows I watch: The Walking Dead Game of Thrones Fringe Modern Family Big Bang Theory Sons of Anarchy Falling Skies
  3. Awesome band! I love every one of their albums from "The IVth Crusade" to "Those Once Loyal". I keep meaning to check out their earlier stuff but never got around to it yet.
  4. I play a lot of acoustic style blues on guitar. It's probably the funnest style to play imo
  5. I've always been a bigger fan of Testament after Chuck Billy started using death growls in the songs. Even the remakes of the older testament songs with the new vocal style made them sound a lot better to me. Its like the voice fit the music perfectly.
  6. Yeah I find that there are like 1 or 2 good songs on every Mystic Prophecy album and the rest are trash.
  7. Nevermind... I found it under settings. Can this thread be deleted?
  8. Sorry, I didnt know where to put this... Is there a way to turn of subscribing to threads you post in? I know you can uncheck it as you post, or go into settings afterward and remove it... but is there a way to have them turned off by default?
  9. Power metal suggestions? Check out the following: Angra At Vance Black Majesty Blind Guardian Brainstorm Cage Circle II Circle Conquest Dark Moor Dreamtale Elvenking Falconer Firewind Gamma Ray Hammerfall Helloween Iron Savior Kamelot Kiuas Lion's Share Pharaoh Sabaton Savage Circus Stratovarius Silverlane Wuthering Heights [h=4][/h]
  10. My favorite Iced Earth album is their live album "Alive in Athens". The songs sound better on there than the studio versions!
  11. Doom Heavy Metal Thrash Not necessarily in that order
  12. Welcome! I am 34 as well... glad to see there are more old folks on the forum...lol
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