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  1. Re: Hey Metalheads! I would bow but, I have a back problem.
  2. Re: Songs That Make You Cry Cemetery Gates by Pantera Nothing Else Matters by Metallica (It was played at my friend's funeral) Five by Machine Head Suicide Note Pt.1 by Pantera
  3. Re: Who are your current top 5 bands? Right at this moment: 1. Machine Head 2. Pantera 3. Megadeth 4. Arch Enemy 5. Down
  4. Re: Rate and Slate Rating the fact that the sun's out, Slating the fact that I have too much stuff to do indoors to enjoy it for once.
  5. Re: Download Vs. Sonisphere I've been to both three times each... and Sonisphere is just so much better. Download are flogging a dead horse.
  6. Re: PANTERA VS. LAMB OF GOD Like them both but, Pantera all the way.
  7. Re: METALLICA vs megadeth Love both bands, let the Dave VS Metallica crap go.
  8. Re: Down I love them. They've been in my daily listening routine since they brought out 'II: A Bustle in your Hedgerow'. Just great for a chill down session.
  9. Re: Who is the best out of the big 4 ??? Megadeth Metallica Slayer Anthrax Though I like all four for different reasons.
  10. Most consistent last three albums. (BOLD CLAIM I KNOW RIGHT)
  11. Re: arch enemy Angela Gossow makes growling sexy.
  12. Re: Megadeth!!!!! Solos are better than songs (but I do love them lol)
  13. Dialectica

    Pantera !

    Re: Pantera ! The True 90s Metal Gods.
  14. Re: Rammstein Used to love. Not now.
  15. Re: Lamb of God Brutal as all hell. Damn.
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