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    Have loved heavy music since being a kid. Started with rock and thrash and progressively got heavier and heavier. Done death vox in a few bands. Currently in Amagon.
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  1. I had a listen to Bulletbelt. Not bad. They are from New Zealand
  2. Temple Of Void - Lords Of Death Idle Ruin - self titled EP Coal Chamber - Self titled.
  3. Nah, I'm pretty sure I haven't heard them. But will check them out. I think I did post it somewhere on here before. Here's a link, anyway https://amagon.bandcamp.com/album/cremated-enemy
  4. I would definitely go see Sepultura if they came to a city near me. We don't get many big bands come to or near where I live, especially big metal bands. I usually have to travel about 1,400 kilometers to see big metal bands that I like. Max was great live back then. It was 20 years ago. I think his voice has changed a bit since. He doesn't go as low as he used to.
  5. Australian bands: Amagon - thrashy death metal. (I'm vocalist) Miazma - death metal Earth Rot - deathened black metal Idle Ruin - blackened thrash Vexation - thrash / death metal Eternal Rest - death metal The Plague - Swedish death metal Werewolves - grind/black/death Rise Of Avernus - gothic/doom/death Odius - thrash Damaged - grind
  6. I just did a quick google search and I couldn't find one with the woman holding a flag, but there's plenty more matching the rest of the description.
  7. Nah, never got to see them live. I got to see Soulfly in 1999 and that was very cool. Arise is definitely my favourite Sepultura album. It was the first thing I'd heard of them. Before I heard it I was into stuff about as heavy as Metallica and Slayer and Arise just blew me away. It took it a step further and I loved it. It just sparked something in me. I still love that album to this day.
  8. No problem. Just asked to see whether I could be bothered checking them out or not hahaha. I'm not a fan of brutal slam death.
  9. Definitely the Max era for me, but Roots being the album of that era I've least enjoyed. I've only liked the last 2 albums since Derrick Green joined. In saying that, there's a few albums I haven't listened to since he joined so I might like a few more.
  10. I thought it was Johnny Rotten when I first saw the still pic. Then I watched the short video and I don't recognise him.
  11. That's a really tough one. For now, I'm just going to go with Terrence Hobbs because I find suffo riffs can be heavy as hell and heaps catchy at the same time. And he's got some sik solos.
  12. Is there any information from where you got the video?
  13. Napalm Death - Order Of The Leech (vinyl)
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