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    Visual artist, professor, workout enthusiast, and metalhead from Virginia.
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    painting, drawing, music, working out, running, reading, fantasy, video games

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  1. Metal-wise, I've currently been listening to mostly: Visigoth Stortregn Inferi Deafheaven Der Weg Einer Freihet All time favorites incorporate some non-metal bands, though - Fair to Midland The National Between the Buried and Me Haken Mastodon
  2. Hey, thanks! Glad to hear you like it.
  3. Been playing Diablo 2 in preparation for the remastered version, and man, it's just a phenomenal game. So addicting to play through, and the atmosphere is just exquisite. Went with a Paladin, and just love the vibes overall. I picked up Diablo 3 as well - it is fun, but in comparison it just utterly pales - it's so much more cartoony and WoW-esque that it just throws that atmosphere from 2 right down the drain. Not a bad game by any means but just nothing near the highs of D2. Lots of really nice ideas, though - transmogrification is a solid one, allowing me to skin a weapon as a sword wh
  4. Thanks! Yeah, atmospheric perspective is one of my favorite things to utilize in creating landscapes. I'm a big fan of the Hudson River Valley guys, and that was one of their hallmarks for sure. Glad you like the work! 😁
  5. Thanks! Glad you like it Yeah, I literally would read reviews on AMG like, every few days and then pour through the comments and then check the forums, all without signing up for whatever stupid reason. This place looked snazzy enough to push me over the line I suppose. Glad you dig the artwork - I've opened a topic down in the promote yourself forum with more stuff if you care to give it a gander!
  6. Oh, nice! I've seen BTBAM tons of times, they're my most-attended live show for whatever reason haha. A few years back they played Colors in its entirety for an anniversary show and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to, was just phenomenal.
  7. Hey everyone, as mentioned in my intro post, I'm a professional visual artist and illustrator as well as a fine arts professor. I do a variety of artwork - some digital illustration, some oil painting, some gouache, some charcoal and graphite drawing, each with varying themes - mostly I stick to fantastical landscapes, but I also work heavily with the figure in a very academic sense. Here's some of everything:
  8. I'm a big fan of dungeon synth, so I've heard a fair few from this thread, but some of these are wonderful discoveries. Really enjoyed Blood Lord and Wayfarer.
  9. Yo, I just checked out your thread and I have to say you have some awesome work as well! I'd love to chat art and illustration with you sometime. I'll definitely try and make a thread for my stuff! I listened to Rannoch's new album earlier this year based on the cover art alone, so kudos there Hmm, it's ever-changing, but at the moment the main ones in rotation are Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Deafheaven, Inferi, Visigoth, Stortregn, and Cult of Luna.
  10. A few: Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada Ulver - Bergtatt Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Finisterre Between the Buried and Me - Colors
  11. Hi everyone, just joined this place as I've been seeking out a forum for metal enthusiasts for quite some time - I've found that forums these days are heavily lacking thanks to Reddit and social media, but I really only use social media to share my artwork and connect with IRL friends and professional contacts, otherwise it's much too shallow for long-form discussion. So hopefully this place can offer some of that! In real life I'm a professor who teaches visual art. I'm a huge fan of fantasy and golden-age era illustration, as well as the academic painters and the Hudson River Valley Sc
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