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  1. I do like their material after MOP but they will never compare to their first three records, they were the band at its finest, masterpieces for me personally and definitely true to their metal 'label'. I just think that Metallica are that band now that at least every metal head likes some of... they have diversified themselves over the decades to be more appealing - which I personally don't agree with, I prefer it when a band stays true to what defined them. Ozzy was sensational. Well as sensational as Ozzy can be, he's not exactly the staple of being a vocalist; he's just Ozzy and it wor
  2. Thanks! Same here. I mostly prefer their 80's records. I do enjoy later material but still...those classic riffs though That's easy. Into The Void. It sounds amazing live, had the privilege of seeing them in 2013. That was one for the bucket list
  3. Jeezo, it's been an absolute lifetime since I listened to Black Stone Cherry. Only heard a few songs but I enjoyed them. Can't say for the album you mentioned but glad you have that for yourself. Enigma? Can't say I've heard them. Time for a Google search
  4. Been a metalhead since high school when I heard a friend play Metallica's One in music class, fell in love right away. Huge Sabbath fan, like a full bedroom dedicated to them kind of fan. I enjoy video games (PC & console), tinkering with computers and I'm a massive Star Wars fan. Told myself 2021 would be the year I'd finally learn guitar after 20 years of picking it up and putting down time and time again but it's still only January. First time using a forum like this and introducing myself, anxiety and all, but hope to meet some cool people. I'm on Facebook and Discord but in good ti
  5. Scotland - Alestorm and Gloryhammer. The first of which have about 6 albums and are in the Scottish Pirate Metal genre, or at least that's what I call them. They are definitely more understood from a Scottish citizen's point of view. But they are fun Have you heard Bulletbelt? A sort of thrashy death metal band. I'm sure they are from Australia. Rise Of The Banshee and Nine Centuries are great albums but are with a now former singer. Not too hot on their new lineup. I discovered them on the soundtrack to the indie movie Deathgasm
  6. That one album where you can't fault a single song on it, perfect from start to finish. Mine's is Skyforger by Amorphis. I had never heard anything like them prior to hearing it and fell in love with it instantly. I love the melodic rhythms and the overall beauty, finesse and art in each track - it's just a solid album I go back to a lot to relax and think with.
  7. Heaven Shall Burn, Venom Prison, Amorphis, Arch Enemy and Gojira. Not my favourite bands of all time but they are among the top 5 of bands I'm really listening to a lot of right now. Especially Venom Prison. Going to see them in October - at least hopefully if the world gets back to normal over here in Scotland
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