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  1. Australian bands: Amagon - thrashy death metal. (I'm vocalist) Miazma - death metal Earth Rot - deathened black metal Idle Ruin - blackened thrash Vexation - thrash / death metal Eternal Rest - death metal The Plague - Swedish death metal Werewolves - grind/black/death Rise Of Avernus - gothic/doom/death Odius - thrash Damaged - grind
  2. I just did a quick google search and I couldn't find one with the woman holding a flag, but there's plenty more matching the rest of the description.
  3. Nah, never got to see them live. I got to see Soulfly in 1999 and that was very cool. Arise is definitely my favourite Sepultura album. It was the first thing I'd heard of them. Before I heard it I was into stuff about as heavy as Metallica and Slayer and Arise just blew me away. It took it a step further and I loved it. It just sparked something in me. I still love that album to this day.
  4. No problem. Just asked to see whether I could be bothered checking them out or not hahaha. I'm not a fan of brutal slam death.
  5. Definitely the Max era for me, but Roots being the album of that era I've least enjoyed. I've only liked the last 2 albums since Derrick Green joined. In saying that, there's a few albums I haven't listened to since he joined so I might like a few more.
  6. I thought it was Johnny Rotten when I first saw the still pic. Then I watched the short video and I don't recognise him.
  7. That's a really tough one. For now, I'm just going to go with Terrence Hobbs because I find suffo riffs can be heavy as hell and heaps catchy at the same time. And he's got some sik solos.
  8. Is there any information from where you got the video?
  9. Napalm Death - Order Of The Leech (vinyl)
  10. Hey, What style/genre is the band?
  11. 3 songs was enough. I think I kept an open mind about it, but just had to admit to myself I thought what I heard was bad.
  12. Slam became the new deathcore for me. As soon as I saw a particular logo or a video from Slam Worldwide I was 95% right in assuming what it was going to sound like. It got predictable and boring really quickly for me.
  13. Current top 5 and in no particular order: Suffocation Napalm Death Nile Heads For The Dead Temple Of Void
  14. For sure, man. It was like that for me with Obituary. I had pretty much written them off and a friend would go an about them years later so I gave them another chance. Still took a bit to warm up to, but now I like a fair bit of their material.
  15. is it "brutal slam death"?
  16. I can relate. There's been a few that I've listened to previously and didn't like it then gone back for another go and really like it. Jungle Rot - Self Titled is one of those and that Atheist album happens to be one too. Still yet to give it a good spin though.
  17. What are some death metal bands and/or albums you’ve recently come by that have impressed you? Can be new and old. For me there’s been, Heads For The Dead Pneuma Hagion - Voidgazer Warfather - The Grey Eminence Nemesium - Continua Voidceremony - Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel
  18. Today I've been listening to, Pneuma Hagion -Voidgazer Voidceremony - Entropic Reflections Contiuum: Dimensions Unravel Both are solid death metal albums.
  19. I personally think that song sounds more generic in the genre. I preferred the first song you posted. But, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, if you like them then you like them and I encourage you and anyone to listen to music they like whether other people like it or not.
  20. I’ve only recently come across them and I’m really diggin them!
  21. Yesterday I got Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked and Mgla - Exercise In Futility.
  22. Yowie


    Hi, I do vocals in Amagon. We unfortunately haven’t been active in getting in the studio to record new material due to life circumstances and member changes. We lean much more into death metal currently, but here’s a link to our first album, Cremated Enemy which is more so thrashy death. https://amagon.bandcamp.com/
  23. I haven’t really listened to much deathcore and metalcore for a while because it all just became so predictable and generic. So I’m not sure if this predictable and generic or not in those scenes currently. This was a couple of steps away from that for me and kept me interested enough to listen to the whole song. I’ve never heard them before. I thought the vocals were decent, slightly diverse which also kept me interested. I have a feeling that after about 2 or 3 songs it would get pretty same, same.
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