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    Favorite genre is Symphonic metal but I love death,melo-death, black, power and thrash as well.
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    Writing, Cycling, Collecting albums, Girls, headbanging
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  1. I just found these guys, I don't even know what genre they are, maybe metalcore, maybe alternative metal. Who knows. Still THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME. In my top ten bands ever now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AvjRY3yIwBk
  2. Powerwolf was my first metal band as well! This is awesome! What's your favorite song by them?
  3. Same! I'm thinking of getting the dark mark tattooed onto me actually... Bellatrix Lestrange anyone?
  4. Leaves Eyes is good... For melo-death I love Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy.
  5. I like a bit of Opeth and Rammstein as well.
  6. Hey there, welcome to the forum, nice to meet you! My top 8 would be: Amon Amarth Arch Enemy Nightwish Within Temptation Epica Immolation Blind Guardian Behemoth Do you listen to mostly the classics or do you like any death/black/thrash ect?
  7. Here's another one: I'm a huge Florence + The Machine fan. Their music is amazing.
  8. BLACK WIDOW. Who doesn't want to dress like Scarlett Johansen in drag? Hawkeye is pretty easy. Batman's a personal favorite. Loki and Thor are great, plus Tom Hiddleston is a babe.
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