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    College student studying Sociology :)

    I’ve been listening to heavy metal before I knew what it meant, and I love female hard rock bands. I use they/them pronouns.
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  1. I have a solid death metal playlist that I listen to while studying or doing homework. Functionally, it's amazing white noise for me, and it absorbs all my other background thoughts so I can actually focus on the work I need to be doing. Would recommend if y'all haven't tried it before.
  2. I think it's almost entirely, if not completely, a socialization issue. Whether people who grew up female realize it or not, they have been raised in a patriarchal culture (I know they're out there, but matriarchal cultures are few in number). In many everyday cases, women are subliminally harassed, and in some cases threatened, to not have any show of female authority, or be in a situation where they are not deferred to male occupation. Just about all of the metalheads I interact with in real life were assigned female at birth, but I have a very hard time finding many all-female metal bands. If a female metal band contributes to metal and metal subgenres, this could reinvigorate misogynistic ideals from the male dominated metal scene, and either put the females under distinct scrutiny. This would, and does, send messages to other females/women in the metal scene that they somehow aren't worthy of contributing. These are just my thoughts, and I'm sure something's missing from them.
  3. I’ve been listening to metal for a few years now, and I especially love old school and thrash metal. I usually have the Some Enchanted Evening Live Album by Blue Öyster Cult on loop in my head.
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