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    reading, travelling, going to festivals, theatre, cinema, folklore
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  1. :D:D oh believe me sometimes I feel like leaving for the jungles to avoid human contact!
  2. hmm...rant rant... I hate people that are not brave enough to face you and be honest with you and prefer to lie in order to avoid an unpleasant conversation. As if I'm 13 and don't understand such things. It is much more hurtful than the most ugly truth there can be, it is like dismissing the fact that i'm an intelligent human being.
  3. banned for being unable to just chill out a bit
  4. where are you, Murph? banned for disappearing
  5. This was deep and wise.Perhaps the deepest and wisest post on this thread. Those who don't suffer from hangover won't understand us!
  6. banned to motivate Murph to ban me & approach his destiny. I'm interested now.
  7. banned for speaking in a sophisticated way
  8. And guys you are really lucky , since I see how the discussion went from trashy clothing to talking about your close ones....it must be something to hang on to in your case!
  9. What can I say....she shouldn't have escaped and talked to that neighbour of ours:mad: From the basement: By the way I'm not pale at all, I'm even brownish
  10. In my basement of course I sent her to Wacken once a year so that she can get some Vitamin D
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