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  1. I have no problem listening to NSBM bands. I listen to music for one reason... and that's music itself! If a band has far right views then so be it. Politics and music are two totally seperate entities in my opinion, but i can see people taking offence at certain bands that openly preach certain views. As for my own political views, i'd rather keep them to myself since these political discussions always seem to escalate sooner or later. And besides they are just that, my personal views and probably should stay that way. Grand Belial's Key - Mocking the Philanthropist Some damn
  2. Arghoslent - Incorrigible Bigotry Just heard this week that Arghoslent is putting out a new album 😍 So time the revisit their discography me thinks. Love how all those PC metalheads are getting their panties in a bunch over their lyrics.
  3. Gaahlskagg - Erotic Funeral Gaahl's often forgotten side project. I really like the small industrial influences that pop up here and there. Wish Gaahl would do another of these or at least a new Trelldom album.
  4. Ragnarok - Psychopathology Good old fashioned Swedish black metal, nothing groundbreaking but always fun. Hope to receive the new album next week which should be more of the same judging from the reviews.
  5. Down - NOLA 20 years old now and sounds still as fresh as back then.
  6. I just recently went 4K and i must say it really blew me away, even though i didn't expected a big improvement over blu ray. But even older stuff like "Alien" or "Suspiria" look significantly better now. So i guess i'll be upgrading a lot of titles once again (some for the third or fourth time). But there is no denying that the older formats like VHS and cassettes have a big nostalgic factor for me personally. For example i prefer watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or "Night of the Living Dead" on VHS simply cause those movies benefit of that gritty lo-fi look which give them that grindh
  7. If it's horror or horror related i'll (basically) watch it. I've been a huge horror nerd ever since i was like 7 years old. I remember watching stuff like "Dawn of the Dead" and "Phantasm" with my older brother on his super 8 projector back in the day. Ever since then i'm hooked and i've been watching everything from early 20's German expressionist movies like "Das Kabinett Des Doktor Caligari" to European horror movies and numerous 80's slasher movies. Unlike most people i'm still stuck in the age of phsyical media. I still buy super 8, 16mm, VHS, blu ray's and 4K discs on a regular bas
  8. Megadeth - Dystopia What a great comeback from Mustaine and the boys after the horrendous "Super Collider". Let's hope the upcoming album is just as good.
  9. Death - Individual Thought Patterns
  10. Hagl - Lenket til livet Some nicely slow paced black metal to start the day.
  11. Deströyer666 - To The Devil His Due What a fucking awesome compilation of most of their "7 inch releases. Especially the early stuff is really brutal and dirty sounding. Glad i finally got the chance to see them a few weeks ago when they toured with Mayhem over here in Europe.
  12. Well like i said i never got further then their "Best of" album which sounded okay to my ears. Although the length of their songs and albums in general are somewhat of a turn off for me. If an album runs longer then 45 min. then there is probably some filler material on their or my attention span is just very short. But to be fair like i said i never took the effort to listen to one of their albums as a whole. But judging from your comments the first two records is where i should start?!?
  13. I only own a best of album of Type O Negative so glad to hear one of their more obscure song for a change. Really digging the slow doomy passages which are interrupted by these almost punk-like sounding fast passages. Also nice use of some subtle synth´s here and there. I can see myself listening to this more often. A solid 8/10.
  14. Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero Not as bad as i remember it to be honest. Certainly an improvement after the disasterous "Risk" but still missing a little bit of bite. You can hear that they are still playing it somewhat safe on this album. But overall an enjoyable listening session.
  15. Trouble was never my favorite doom metal band, but this track is not bad at all, some nice riffs and atmosphere. Not really digging the vocals though. But otherwise solid track. 6,5/10 Probably only tolerable if you like lo-fi dirty black metal, but still curious what others think.
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