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  1. Fields of the Nephilim - The Nephilim
  2. Paradise Lost - Shades of God
  3. Sleepless night with these Katatonia - Jhva Elohim Meth Mgla - Mdlosci Mgla - Further Down the Nest
  4. I would have loved to have seen them back then. Never got the chance. Apparently they still perform fairly regularly (at festivals, at least) but never anywhere near where I live. Not sure what's gong on with them. Stand Up and Fight had its moments, but wasn't really up to par with their first two albums. I have no idea what they were thinking with their last album. Seems like they've had some lineup issues as well since Netta Skog left. I don't think they've secured a permanent accordion player and from what I've seen, Olli Vanska doesn't play live very much anymore(?) Anyway, typing th
  5. Sargeist - Let The Devil In
  6. I've been listening to a lot of early Paradise Lost and early Katatonia lately. Specifically Gothic, Icon, Dance of December Souls (OF COURSE), and Brave Murder Day, and some of Katatonia's early b-sides. Something I discovered today which I never knew is that a demo of 12 exists. I've known for years the "real title" of that song was Black Erotica, but this is the first time I've heard the demo. Wow, what can I say, except why on earth did they get rid of that clean intro and the keyboard?? Like everything this band did during that era...beautiful. Love it. I do believe I prefer it over
  7. I agree, their early material is still excellent. I love their first three albums, very avant-garde and experimental but I love the juxtaposition of melodic/acoustic/instrumental with more harsh death metal passages and so forth. I think Ghost Reveries and Watershed is where they really started to sound way too much like a progressive rock band, but it was Heritage that was the final straw for me. I was just bored throughout that entire album. Their work since then has felt much the same way.
  8. For me it was probably Satyricon. Their first three albums are black metal classics, then Satyr just seemed to become more and more interested in sounding like some sort of arena rock...don't get me wrong, even their self-titled release has its moments, but it's just not the same. I'll go back and listen to "Forhekset" or whatever and then wonder why I even bother trying to listen to their more recent material. (Honorable mention for Anathema. I don't think they were exactly fantastic to begin with, but damn they had a really unique sound on Serenades and their first few EPs. Then they st
  9. Oh, my favorite is the toilet paper hoarding. It's such an absurd thing to hoard. I can understand buying like an extra 8-pack or something but I see pictures online and on the news of people with like five 24-packs in their cart. Even with a family of four that's going to take them like...an entire year to get through lol. Not to mention it's extremely selfish. Other people have to poop too, you know. At least we know now that in the event of a real apocalypse, there should be plenty of medicine and self-defense items available since everyone else is more concerned about wiping their ass! 🤣
  10. Thanks. I went out today to get some food and it's like a ghost town here. I live in a city of about 200,000 and at 5pm I saw maybe three other cars on the highway. It's crazy...most places are closed here too, just a few fast food places and only their drive thru is open. I was lucky enough to get pizza but they were only allowing takeout. It really is starting to feel kind of apocalyptic. The shows I had planned to attend were all officially canceled today. I was expecting it but it's still really disappointing. I've been amusing myself searching "coronavirus metal" on youtube. I have n
  11. I'm sorry, reddit is a goldmine right now,
  12. Relevant Also relevant 😂
  13. Well I'm fucking bummed because I was psyched to go see Cloak again and some local bands in a few weeks but most of the venues here are being forced to close. Even the venue where Cloak is supposed to play which is like an hour from me, it's a 100-capacity bar but they're limiting capacity to 50 people including the staff and bands. How can any band financially justify driving 6 hours to play to a crowd of like, what, 30 people? Tickets are only $10 so I imagine they won't be making any money from this show - more likely they'd be losing money. And worse for them, this would be their second to
  14. So uh...I'm assuming you mean post our rating here? For the last full album we listened to, I assume...? If so: Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath 5 stars. OBVIOUSLY. Do I really need to explain why? If you've never started air guitaring like there's no tomorrow during that solo in "The Oath" at least once in your life, you're all a bunch of fuckin' liars. 😂
  15. I always buy merch if I can when I go to shows, and I always pay in cash. It makes me happy to know I'm doing something to help them, even if it's small, especially for young/new/very underground bands, who in my experience have always been very grateful and appreciative. It's better than buying something from them online because whatever I buy at shows tends to have a unique experience connected with it, particularly if someone in the band was running the merch table when I bought it. If I know that I want to buy something else from a specific band, I typically wait until the next time I see
  16. Yeah, exactly. When I was a kid, my parents gave both my brother and myself piano lessons. But when my brother wanted to give up piano and learn to play drums instead, they had no problem with that, whereas my mother especially wanted me to stick with piano as it was "much more becoming for a lady" *eyeroll*. In my experiences also, a lot of guitar teachers won't really take female students seriously. If I struggled with something, it was because I was lazy or incapable, apparently, but male students are given much more time and attention to get it right because "they're actually serious about
  17. Speaking as a female, I personally dislike most female vocals in metal, maybe because the overwhelming majority tend to front symphonic bands and that's just not my jam. But even something like Arch Enemy just doesn't sit right with me (I mean that could potentially be because I'm not much into melodeath either, but I digress). Deeper voices just sound much better to my ear in this context. I would love to see a woman kick ass behind a drum kit in a black metal band or some other extreme subgenre, though. That's what I'd like to see. To shed some light perhaps on the smaller hands a
  18. My personal favorites are "you only go to concerts because you probably think XYZ is hot and you're trying to hook up with him after the show" and (less offensive but still annoying) "I bet you got into this music because your boyfriend/husband/brother/father/other male relative is a fan". For the record, any time I've played Gorgoroth whenever male relatives/acquaintances have been around they looked genuinely shocked and scared lol. I got into metal all by myself, thanks very much. And the only reason I attend shows is to act a fool in front of the stage headbanging and going ape shit, not t
  19. Alcest - Ecailles de Lune This really isn't the type of thing I would ever have expected to like, not really being into shoegaze or post-whatever genres at all, but someone recommended this album to me, and what a pleasant surprise. Then again, just about anything with reverb-drenched guitars immediately gets the horns from me...maybe that's why I like this so much. Excellent vocals as well.
  20. Mgla - Groza Great music but that cover looks like dog shit, especially compared to the Renaissance art inspired and/or creepy silent film-esque covers for all their other albums.
  21. Angel of Damnation - Heathen Witchcraft
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