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  1. Medico Peste – Herzogian Darkness
  2. As far as I can tell after this short amount of time the loading times have been reduced greatly for me.
  3. I really like Belphegor, but their latest album Conjuring the Dead was rather a disappointment for me. While still good overall I felt that the songs always drove off into mediocreness just as they started to get real good and catchy. Maybe I need to give it a couple more spins, but it didn't click after two times so I didn't bother. Anyway, I'm always looking forward to new Belphegor material.
  4. Leviathan (Swe) – Far Beyond the Light
  5. Charity concerts usually take place because a band with a certain fame and many fans is sure to achieve more money for the charity as they would by keeping it as a secret. You know, there are still enough people who think "My favourite band is playing? And they'll give the money to charity? That's two reasons for me to go there!". I don't see anything bad at all with that.
  6. Avsolutized – Mot din svarta ångest
  7. Two bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber slices.
  8. Unfortunately the label NSBM is way too often applied to any Black Metal band that plays in Germany, even to those that have absolutely nothing to do with these ideologies. There are actually a whole lot of people who simply try to cancel underground BM concerts just because they can.
  9. If nothing goes horribly wrong I'll be providing the intro track which will be a summoning ritual. Nothing overly spectacular, but there may be some future collaborations as I'm friends with the band anyway.
  10. Well, Blackened Death Metal (or Black/Death Metal) is just a blend of both genres, it doesn't matter which one is more prominent. Death Metal with "Black Metal" lyrics would still simply be Death Metal – just as Black Metal with other lyrics than you would typically expect is still Black Metal. There are BM bands with lyrics about philosophy, astrophysics, fantasy literature, gore themes, mental disorders... hell, there's even a band that sings about sewers. While some genres have a pool of lyrical themes you typically associate with it, the genre doesn't change because a band decides to sing
  11. First of all, this is not my own band but of a good friend of mine. I'm happy though that I'll be contributing to the upcoming album "Dawn of a Crimson Empire" which will be released in a couple of months through the German label Folter Records. The band hasn't played many gigs yet, but a couple of months ago they had the honour to be the opener for an Inquisition gig on their tour. This track is taken from the 2015 demo.
  12. SenedeSwaere


    My father bought a computer when I was around 5 and there I was introduced to gaming. Most of the games I played together with my sister and we had so much fun with that. One of the first games we played together was Eye of the Beholder II. It's a RPG where you start with your group in a forest and have to find your way to an evil monastery, but my sister and me had absolutely no clue what to do and how to do things at all. We didn't even know how to fight properly and you would always have some wolves running towards you that attacked you. So instead of killing the wolves with our weapons we
  13. SenedeSwaere


    I've never owned a Playstation, the last console I had was a N64. These were good times... but I'm mainly a PC gamer. There have been some games that made me think about getting a console (The Last of Us for example), but I guess I'll just keep sticking to PC.
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