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  1. Wait, 3rd? There was the original in the 90s and now the sequel... did I miss something? I actually didn't like the Twin Peaks film. You can't watch it before having watched the series because of spoilers and after you've seen the series the film doesn't really tell anything new. The whole film just felt like some sort of unnecessary addition to me. But the series is so incredibly awesome, I love everything about it, from the music to the bizarre characters and surreal elements. Twin Peaks is really unique and a fantastic piece of art.
  2. I didn't really like Capaldi either for the first few episodes but then after a while he started to appeal to me. Not as much as the previous doctors, but I didn't have that feeling of "This is not my doctor!" anymore. I guess it was because he was so very different from the other doctors, but his persona has its very own ups and downs.
  3. Casserole with eggplant, courgette, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and a generous amount of mozzarella and Emmentaler cheese.
  4. I was already curious whether it was good because many times remakes just suck. Gotta watch it one day myself.
  5. In my opinion the French bands always have a great sense for melodies and melancholy, it's kinda unique. Should your ears ever demand something French, I can surely recommend something. Regarding LLN my favourite release will always be "March to the Black Holocaust", this release hooked me. Fhoi Myore is pretty diverse, the first releases are kinda different than the newer ones but they're all awesome in their own way. I would recommend "The Northern Cold" as a good start, but you really can't go wrong with any of their recordings. Well, at least in my opinion.
  6. Haha, cheers then! I'm listening to Fhoi Myore, one of my favourite French BM bands. The French scene is my unbeaten favourite, I've been digging into it for many years now but I still have the feeling that I barely scratched the surface of bands as I still find new ones consistently. You're still going with Urgehal? It always feels good to know that you're not alone with your problems and that others face the same shit. Cheers again for that.
  7. They've been a favourite of mine for quite some time already. I always find myself returning to their first album as it (especially the last three songs) is just perfect to me. I would love to see them live one day (which a friend of mine did recently at Thronefest, which I hate him for), but they never play in Germany. Well, they were supposed to two years ago, but the gig got canceled. Anyways, Furia is an incredible band and all the other projects the band members are involved in are awesome, too. Some really talented guys.
  8. "Thank fuck for alcohol n BM ." is so damn true. Been enjoying some why-the-fuck-not?-wine and BM right now. And thanks! The thing is, I basically know what I have to do, but I just don't see myself able to do it most of the time. The nihilist in me just say that it doesn't make any sense anyway. Yay.
  9. Yeah, I know that all too well, been feeling like that for way too long myself (and still do). As hard as it may be, you need to try and focus on better things. As long as you keep thinking about everything in a bad way you simply condition yourself to keep being unhappy. While that may be grim as fuck, it doesn't really help with anything. And the initial step to actually do it is enormously freaking hard, but whenever I manage to do something else and distract myself I feel so much better afterwards. And I'm missing motivation, too, to overcome these feelings. I want to make music and r
  10. I'm going with Marduk here. Their music just appeals more to me, although I can't exactly say why. It may be completely subjective, but especially on their later albums I found them to be more diverse while keeping the typical Marduk feeling. Dark Funeral belongs to the pile of bands that I generally like, but they never really interested me enough to actually spend much time with their records.
  11. And never be embarrassed to show off a bit of your warforged belly. This together with ripped sleeves and a thoughtful look on your face will establish dominance among other metalheads.
  12. Since we're already going with corpsepaint, you should wear nothing but the best. Learn from this master: You may have to transform your face into a potato first, though.
  13. There are really basically two factions: those who give a shit and those who don't. There will always be people who'll think that you look like a total douche (either because you're not looking "metal" enough to them or because they simply don't like the band shirt you're wearing). In all honesty? You shouldn't give a fuck. Wear whatever you're feeling comfortable with. If someone thinks they have the right to judge you based on your clothes then they are simply dumb. Metal is about the mutual love for the music and being like-minded. And as stupid as this saying may be, it's still true:
  14. Greetings! I'm a 29 years old guy from Germany (and a Black Metal enthusiast) who was bored enough to look for some kind of community where I could simply spend some time to talk to like-minded people (as I've been lacking this for some time). I hope to get to know some interesting people here which I can have good talks with and... whatever. We'll see!
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