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  1. I had so many Polish sweets in my childhood, but the only one I love to this day is this masterpiece of candy craft: Fun fact: It's the number one favourite candy bar in Iceland.
  2. I'd have to go to a Polish grocery store to get it and even then I'll probably have to make a special order... I really should do that finally, it's been years since I drank it. Many years ago my aunt gave me one bottle for my birthday (my family is Polish) and since then I've been keeping it in good memory. Should I get that beer I'll let you know if it really is as good as I remember. There's actually a really popular honey beer in Germany called Odin-Trunk (https://www.bierselect.de/media/image/93/3c/5b/odin-trunk-1448-20016-3.jpg), especially on medieval faires, but it tastes very dif
  3. Hehe, sounds like good times. Only once I've drank Łomża Miodowe (with honey), it was amazing. I have to try and get some of that again, as I hope that it really is as good as I remember.
  4. I've actually rather rarely seen them anywhere as DSO, but sometimes people start using abbreviations and they somehow carry over.
  5. Deathspell Omega, French Black Metal
  6. Glorior Belli – Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)
  7. There's unfortunately not much I can tell you about that... Whenever I get a migraine I just take a pill, lie down in my bed and put a cold, wet cloth on my forehead. As I have aural migraine I need to avoid staring directly into any light sources, otherwise it gets worse (or triggers it).
  8. I think I'll go with 19th century London here. Would you rather be the first one to contract a new deadly disease or the first person whose mind was successfully switched with that of a laboratory rat?
  9. I really did like Nutella when I was a child. Actually I still like it, but whenever I feel the urge to eat it I buy a good replacement.
  10. Ungfell – Der Ûzsieche und sîne Grimmede Tôtbringære Kinda like a Swiss version of Peste Noire, should anyone be interested.
  11. Fhoi Myore – Orage The Northern Cold
  12. Mystic Forest – Welcome Back in the Forest
  13. Tchaikovsky – Valse Sentimentale
  14. Now that's some exciting news. Looking forward to it.
  15. I can imagine this being played in the background in a cosy, smooth bar. Not bad. 7/10
  16. Cherry tomatoes, bacon, baked beans and fried eggs.
  17. I'm throwing "Quest for Blood" into the mix. It's a Japanese band and (at least this track) can only be described as something like flute shredding. It's really... weird. (The video can't be embedded unfortunately). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPUPAkP12QM
  18. Okay, I wrote it down on my mental list of thousands and thousands of movies I yet have to watch. But it's pretty far at the top!
  19. Ah okay, now it makes sense to me. I have to admit that I haven't watched anything else by Lynch, or at least not that I knew. Yeah, shame on me. But I read somewhere about that "Dick Laurent is dead" buzzer call, that's indeed some creepy shit. Gotta finish "Watchmen" somewhen this week, I started it yesterday but was so tired that I couldn't finish it. Still two hours to go, but I like it so far.
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