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  1. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand

    What Are You Listening To?

    Sonata Arctica - 'Don't Say a Word'
  2. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand


    Here are my two, the stripey one is between 13 and 17 for all I know. Had her for about 14 years. She's a very, very spry and active cat though. The little black metal monster is 2, and acts like it. Keeps me on my toes, trying to keep her from eating my toes.
  3. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand

    I'm curious, what are the ages of users around here?

    I'm 38, and generally ok with it.
  4. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand

    Big Four of Industrial Metal?

    Mine are Front Line Assembly, Ministry, KMFDM, and Nine Inch Nails.
  5. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand


    I keep my copy of the Silmarillion on my bedside table, like other people keep their Bibles or porn. I've gone through about 7 paperbacks of it since I was 12ish I think, although the hardcover is always safe on a shelf. Other than Tolkien I enjoy science fiction, although haven't really felt like reading any for a few years (and can't really name any favorites right now). I have an obsession with arctic, antarctic, and amazon exploration and collect books about that.
  6. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand

    what's the most metal thing you own?

    Most metal thing I own? I have a tuxedo cat who looks just like Abbath, although she would dispute the 'owning' part. It's a tie between her, and a Walmart bike that's brake don't work well, actually none of it works well! Terrifying down hill.
  7. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand

    Who are your current top 5 bands?

    My top 5 lately: Avatar Tristania Amberian Dawn Immortal Iron Maiden
  8. FreshPrinceOfBeleriand


    Hello everyone, new here etc. I have a special interest in metal bands that cough up lots of Tolkien related songs and albums. Favorites: Summoning, Battlelore, Udun, and Blind Guardian. I listen to other stuff too... sometimes. Other than that, I love to read. Mostly about the WTF-ier things that have happened in history.