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  1. I've been saving bookmarks of bands I want to listen to, keeping a list of band recommendations as well as keeping some names in my memory, but for some reason I just never get around to actually listen to them. The pile of band names just keeps growing and I'll probably die before I can listen to even 20 % of them. Gah.
  2. Not that drunk, but getting there. I'm in that "everything's still wonderfully fine" phase where everything's just better with some alcohol level. Probably gonna regret it when I have to wake up tomorrow morning (mostly because I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stay awake longer than I should).
  3. That's great to hear, I hope it'll stay like that.
  4. As I am an avid fan of the French black metal scene and recognized that this band hasn't been mentioned yet, I would like to spread some musical propaganda. Aorlhac became one of my absolute favourite bands in a very short period of time as they have everything I love about most of the French bands: brilliant melodies and unique vocals. I guess they best fit the term "melodic black metal", but that doesn't mean they use keyboards or other things like that as many other bands of that genre do (which isn't a bad thing per se). They're really just... melodic, but at the same time remain a powerfu
  5. After the first listen I found the song rather generic, but after a couple more times it started to grow on me. Not bad! 7/10
  6. Good that your eye's getting better. Is there still a chance of some complications or are you in the safe zone now?
  7. My second White Russian of the day – well, at least sort of. Ran out of Kahlua so I had to replace the missing part with more milk. It's rather an albino Russian now I guess. For some reason alcohol always helps me to get motivated/inspired to work on songs.
  8. It fuckin' sucks when that happens and you wonder what the reason for that may be, whether you did something wrong or why they suddenly turned their back on you. It's hard to see getting betrayed by someone you thought to be a friend, but that doesn't mean you should stop trusting people. It happened and still happens to me a lot that I start trusting people too quickly and get my hopes high, but once in a while it pays off – and it makes up for all the disappointments you had before. Let out your anger and frustration, it really helps. Don't bury it inside you or it will dwell and grow.
  9. I'm sorry for your loss, FatherAlabaster. Losing a beloved pet is always a terrible thing. When our first family dog died four years ago I was crushed. I hadn't seen him for over three months and he died one day before I was visiting my parents again due to a tumor that went undetected. But you can at least bear her in good remembrance, knowing that she had the best life she could possibly have with you and your family.
  10. Manowar tribute band for 15 $. I'm not a fan of Manowar anyway and even if I was, 100 $ is too much money to spend for a single band in my opinion. I rather spend 20 bucks for an underground concert to see 4 bands and gladly miss a totally overpriced band ... What would you rather choose, being completely ignored by every single person on this planet (like they don't even know you exist) or having every person see a livestream of you whenever you have sex?
  11. I've never been a great fan of mixed rum drinks. Vodka is usually my liquor of choice and most of the rums I've tasted were some kind of a "meh" experience for me. But the Botucal rum really did leave a positive impression so this is the only rum I can really recommend. There are also the 4 years old and the 12 years old variants of Botucal. The 4 years old rum is really nothing special, no need to buy it. The 12 years old Botucal is even smoother and sweeter than the 8 years old one, which is not bad, but I prefer the 8 years old one for its stronger taste. Other than that I've only dran
  12. Right now I'm in this wonderful state of being pleasantly drunk. I really don't know much about rum, but some years ago I bought a "trial package" with six different sorts of rum. I did a tasting evening with my flatmate at that time and the first rum we tasted was the Botucal Reserva 8 years old. Still to this day it is my favourite rum. Very pleasant in taste, pretty mild, not burning and with a sweet aftertase. With my limited knowledge about rum, I can aboslutely recommend this. And if you're a rum lover anyway, then definitely try the Botucal Rum Liqueur. This one's the best in my op
  13. "Corpse with a Conscience" would actually be a pretty cool song title.
  14. Fall Of The Bastards / Book Of Black Earth – Split
  15. Welcome to the Thunderdome! No, wait... this is a forum. Welcome to the forum!
  16. Roasted potatoes with onions and chili with a hint of cream.
  17. 7/10 Never heard of them before, but they're pretty good.
  18. 8,5/10 I really do love Jeremy Soule's music, one of my favourite composers. After 25 years still one of the best RPG series that ever came out of Germany. The music evokes so many wonderful memories.
  19. Billy Joel – We Didn't Start the Fire For some reason the song popped up in my head, so I had the urge to listen to it.
  20. Betrayal at Krondor OST Oh, memories and nostalgia.
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