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  1. They were one of my first extreme metal bands and I really liked them for many years. I still like the old albums, I just don't listen to them very often anymore. Some bands are really better in the studio and disappoint on stage – or the other way round. I guess especially Dani is much of a perfectionist in the studio and that you can't really copy everything at a live gig. A shame, because they have some damn good songs.
  2. Ah, it's been so long since I listened to that album. I've seen them live once when they were on tour with Gorgoroth. Dani really disappointed me with his vocal performance, he was far away from his brilliance on the albums. I guess all these years just drained the power from his voice.
  3. Hello, feel yourself at home! You don't have to pay rent.
  4. I played the original Sims and Sims 2 back then and was quite addicted to it. Me and my sister played it together and we had each families of our own as well as shared families where we would decide what each of our sims wanted to do etc. It was fun, but I stopped playing it somewhen. I guess I would have fun with the newest title again, but there are still so many other games I yet have to play – and for some reason just don't play. Bleh.
  5. As ridiculous as the Mortal Kombat theme is, it is a classic and a horrible earworm. 8/10 Continuing with videogame music.
  6. Just opened a bottle of red wine I found last week in one of my removal crates. Musso, Spanish Merlot from 2014.
  7. Just a short clip, but I really love the old stuff Eddie Izzard did. The sudden shifts in his topics and the absurd situations he's describing really made me laugh a lot. Unfortunately his later shows became a little bland in my opinion, but I haven't seen anything new for quite some time now. Maybe he got more inspired again.
  8. I'm pretty convinced that he simply didn't have enough time to check this thread again because he's too busy working on his outfit.
  9. Since I don't know him or anything about him I simply judge him and the band by the music. I don't know what personal experiences you had with him, but I can totally understand your view. Things like that already made me not listen to specific bands (anymore).
  10. Yep, exactly that Angantyr. I've already seen them live twice and both times they were really good. Looking forward to them!
  11. To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X – Guitar Cover by FamilyJules) I love both the original and this cover. Beautiful.
  12. So the Under the Black Sun (UTBS) festival is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year and it's my third time to be there. It's a pure black metal festival with only around 1,000 people, great atmosphere and everything you would want from a black metal festival. Unfortunately the location where the festival took place for the last 12 years is not available anymore (and it's a shame because it was nothing less than brilliant), but I'm nevertheless looking forward to going there tomorrow. It just feels like some kind of "home sweet home" for black metal. Following bands are playin
  13. Damn, that sounds really bad. All the best for you!
  14. After being on hold from 2009, Arkhon Infaustus are as of 2016 active again and will release their new album "Passing the Nekromanteion" this year. I'm hyped.
  15. I would love to see them, but unfortunately I won't be going to any festival they're playing at. I've been at the Brutal Assault Festival last year but can't go there this year. And Wacken... hell no, I'll never go there.
  16. [Yoda]Well, come to the forum you have, so welcome I bid you.[/Yoda]
  17. An instrumental cover of Vlad Tepes' "Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple". You don't see a cover like that very often.
  18. Wode – Servants of the Countercosmos
  19. If MDF refers to Maryland Deathfest, than I'm voting for MDF. What would you rather quit for the rest of your life, pizza or beer?
  20. Yes, Fish'n'Chips absolutely rule.
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