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  1. Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick
  2. Couldn't agree more (being English) 😁 I used to live on the same road as Webb, so would see him and Mitchell around quite a lot. Which was pretty cool. Vaguely similar (more recent) shows I'd recommend include This Country, People Just Do Nothing, Toast Of London. Or if you want to go back in time - my favourite British comedy show of all time is Only Fools and Horses, pure gold. Ricky Gervais has done a lot of good stuff. Really enjoyed his most recent show (After Life, on Netflix).
  3. Pyrexia ‎– Feast Of Iniquity Not as good, but not bad...
  4. Ha, yes, that sounds about right. Clearly past my religious guilt now, though And meaning aside, I need more albums that sound like this in my life.
  5. Recommended to me by your good self I believe. Took me a while to really get into it, but it sure is.
  6. Thrashman


    I don't mind Mustaine's vocals, but yeah, Zetro's aren't to my taste either.
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    Guess I'm just not into higher-pitched vocals. And yes, I do appreciate the irony in calling myself Thrashman and not enjoying that kind of vocal
  8. Metal is a lot like horror - the best genre, even though 90% of it is shite - the rest is gold Or something.
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    Never quite been able to get past Bobby Blitz's vocals myself...
  10. Baphomet - The Dead Shall Inherit
  11. Looking forward to the final episode, this season has been pretty great.
  12. I'm enjoying the Vltimas album.
  13. Vltimas – Something Wicked Marches In
  14. Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells
  15. I love The Nocturnal Silence, but have never really explored their other material... recommendations?
  16. Thrashman


    Necrot I really like, have listened to their debut (Blood Offerings) a Lot. Where Acephalix is concerned, I do own their most recent album (Decreation) but have literally only listened to it once since buying it. Should make a point of digging it out sometime. Should probably familiarise myself with Vastum more, too.
  17. My first painting (October 2018).
  18. Thrashman


    Sothis (1994) and De Profundis (1995) are probably my favourites, after The Ultimate Incantation (1992). I also like tracks from Back To The Blind (1997), Litany (2000), Revelations (2002), The Beast (2004), Impressions In Blood (2006), Tibi Et Igni (2014)... entirely possible that there’s more good material out there which I just haven't heard yet too, they've got a big discography. On which note - consistency throughout the 90s/early 00s - that's got to be another selling point! I believe that De Profundis is widely considered to be their best album.