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  1. Obscenity - Summoning The Circle
  2. Obliveon - Fiction Of Veracity/Whimsical Uproar An unofficial release, I didn't even know this was ever released on CD. But I have now bagged a copy nonetheless 😁
  3. Maceration – A Serenade Of Agony
  4. Yeah, there seems to be an endless supply of good obscure Brazilian bands out there. This is another one. I would never have heard of these guys if a Brazilian girl hadn't kindly bought their CD for me while back in Brazil... (Faces Of Death - Consummatum Est)
  5. Never really got into this before, but I'm liking it now. Are you familiar with the Brazilian Abhorrence? Their demo is also well worth checking if not...
  6. New Void Rot single (Descending Pillars)
  7. Internal Bleeding ‎– Heritage Of Sickness
  8. Beast Of Revelation - The Ancient Ritual Of Death
  9. Megadeth - Countown To Extinction
  10. Yeah, I find them annoying too. Don't tend to watch the screen when they're on either these days.
  11. New Incantation single (Propitiation)
  12. Blood Incantation - Live Vitrification
  13. I wasn't massively into them first time around, much as I always liked that Stars track, but I'm really enjoying this album.
  14. New Necrot single (Asleep Forever)
  15. Sepultura - Schizophrenia
  16. Angel Morgue - In The Morgue Of Angels
  17. Abhorrence - Ascension Internal Bleeding ‎– Heritage Of Sickness
  18. Vader ‎- And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw DVD Murder In The Front Row DVD Worm - Gloomlord shirt Old Tower badge
  19. Internal Bleeding ‎– Heritage Of Sickness