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  1. Morgue - Eroded Thoughts Another underrated OSDM classic.
  2. Lots of Slayer album discussion going on... can't resist throwing my opinion in there... apparently. Show No Mercy - good, but not great Hell Awaits - pretty great Reign In Blood - great, obviously South Of Heaven - great Seasons In The Abyss - great Divine Intervention - a few really good tracks, but overall poor Diabolus In Musica - as above God Hates Us All - some classics, a lot of mediocrity Christ Illusion - a great opener, but that's about it World Painted Blood - best album since Seasons for my money, in large part because the title track is so good Repentless - When The Stillness Comes is really solid, but not sure I need to hear the rest again in this lifetime So there you have it 😄
  3. Depravity - Silence Of The Centuries Anyone into OSDM who doesn't know it, should rectify that.
  4. Usipian - Dead Corner of The Eye Obscure gem. 2005 old school-style Danish death metal album.
  5. Baphomet - The Dead Shall Inherit
  6. Malignant Altar - Retribution Of Jealous Gods
  7. Plenty of recommendations to be found here: https://www.metalforum.com/forum/149-thrash-metal/ 😁
  8. None - Life Has Gone On Long Enough
  9. Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick
  10. Deicide - When Satan Lives Exceptional live album.
  11. Autopsy - Severed Survival
  12. None - Damp Chill Of Life Great band, lost in an endless sea of less-great bands.
  13. Just ordered a copy of When Satan Lives. Not normally a big fan of live albums, but this one sounds pretty special.
  14. He used to post on this forum... missed.
  15. Rotting Kingdom - Barren Harvest (from their forthcoming album) *edit* now listening to their self-titled EP from last year
  16. New EP (called Out Of The Frontline Trench, featuring a couple of exclusive tracks) is out 22nd November. And there will be an album in 2020. Apparently.
  17. My last ten (relevant) purchases: Tool - Fear Inoculum Slayer - Hell Awaits * Sodom - Persecution Mania * Morbid Angel - Altars/Blessed/Covenant (FDR editions) * Morbid Angel - Domination Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram Disentomb - The Decaying Light Strid - Strid * I know, it's ridiculous that I didn't have physical copies of these already... although I did at least have a couple of them on cassette back in the day
  18. Tool - Fear Inoculum Again. And I definitely do like it, a lot.
  19. My CD copy hasn't arrived in the post yet, and I've only listened to it on YouTube the once, so will reserve judgement for now... I did enjoy it, though. *edit* Having a second listen now, and have to say I'm getting well into it