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  1. Sure does. The guy shot himself in the heart nine years ago, says it all really. Really enjoyed it. I'm old enough to remember Swervedriver, but don't think I've ever actually owned any of their material. Should probably do something about that. 8/10.
  2. Listened on YouTube, enjoyed, ordered a copy... thanks!
  3. Ooh, it could be the alcohol talking but I really enjoyed that.
  4. 5/10 Based on the video it would be even lower; but I'm old and English enough to know what Trumpton is, and to have something of a soft spot for the genre.
  5. Deserted my principles and picked up a copy of Once Upon The Cross recently, to replace the one I lost/got rid of years ago. Definitely a good album. Could count the number of Deicide tracks I've really liked since that album on one hand, though; and have never really got into the first two, much as I know that's probably blashemy (pun intended)... I should probably revisit all the albums at some point, now that I've deserted the aforementioned principles - see if I like any of them more.
  6. I only own one slam CD: It's good, but I hardly ever listen to it. Agree that slam tends to be fun live, though.
  7. Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure
  8. Estatic Fear - Somnium Obmutum
  9. Krypts - Descending Era Of Putrefaction Krypts is my favourite death metal band of recent years for sure.
  10. The first couple of tracks were the 'singles', and they're relatively straightforward songs. Perhaps it's that, or the fact that I was already familiar with them, but I've listened to the CD a lot and have generally been starting at track three. I think it's an excellent album, anyway. I liked the first two albums too, though, the first one in particular. Will admit that the production wasn't quite right on either of those, but they've nailed it for this one. Balls to what anyone else thinks, anyway, skip through it for yourself and see what you think Guess what I can't quite grasp is why people will lap up absolute turds from their favourite ageing bands, whilst being scathing about these guys - who, for my money, are doing a very good job of honouring and continuing the Bolt Thrower legacy.
  11. Blood Incantation - Starspawn
  12. Digital promos. I wish labels still sent out CDs, really can't be bothered with this.
  13. Standard procedure these days really - wake up hung over, and think "what did I post on MetalForum last night?" There was a time when there were actual proper things to regret, though, so I guess it's an improvement. Have managed to resist the lure of more booze so far, anyway... am binge-eating cookies instead. Yeah, you most definitely can. Don't make me prove it.
  14. Berlin is an awesome city. Quite possibly my favourite. Slight tangent there, but anyway...
  15. Memoriam - Requiem For Mankind Surprised that more people don't care about this album. If it had Bolt Thrower written on the cover I bet you'd all be appreciating it accordingly 😝