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  1. I think the lineup this year is decent but, a few of my friends have said its weak this year. I do think the last few years had a much better lineup, but I don't think this years is as bad as people are making out. What are your thoughts you brilliant people?
  2. Looking for Metalcore band near Sheffield/Rotherham area Alright, I'm 17, living in Rotherham. Looking for a metalcore ban to join, or maybe form with a few people. I play Guitar (lead or rhythm), along with being able to grown, scream etc to what i think is a decent standard/sound. I'd be willing to travel so long as its not way too far. So yeah, I'm looking to join a band as either, Lead/Rhythm guitarist whilst also doing some backup vocals, or lea vocalist ('Screaming'), not clean vocals. Cheers, Joe Twynham. Email - [email protected]
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