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  1. This is my only post because I generally never have issues like this. So the forum is a first because of that, and I'm not to knowledgeable with online stuff. He and I are very opposite about everything in our lives and beliefs. But we are usually very civil and I would say become good friends. But since we started writing the second album, I wanted to implement some of my lyrics, and it seems like he doesn't like my input or feins it and never brings it up again. But again this is the first band where there are so many lines we're not allowed to cross.
  2. So im having a dilemma. I wrote some lyrics for a song that was never used and my vocalist wants to use them for a new song we wrote. The title was Quetzalcoatl, the mesoamerican Serpent God, and the lyrics are about him and the known rituals involving him. But he didn't want to use the name for fear of "cultural appropriation ". I explained to him that my grandparents are from Mexico and I'm half hispanic. But because I'm fair skinned like my mother he claims it appropriation. So the name was changed but the topic is still there. I feel it's more insulting not to give that credit to that/ my cultural background and not name it for who its about. I was inspired to write this because of my family history in Mexico and I wanted to write a song about one of their chief gods and express my love for my deceased grandparents. And what drove me to this is that one of our first songs we wrote was about the Brazilian mapinguari. Mind you he wrote the lyrics to this with no complaint or objection. I want to know what the metal community thinks. Am I wrong to write this because my father had a ginger fettish and my skin should or would keep me from writing songs like this? Please give your opinions but be polite.