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    Hologram Earth is not your ordinary metal band, this Dutch quintet aims at finding new sounds ranging from low and solid breakdowns to calm and mellow ambiances. Writing dynamic and consistent songs Hologram Earth now delivers Circadian, the single of their forthcoming debut album.

    The new single is a showcase displaying the sound and direction of this motivated quintet, on their way to record a concept full-length album. In addition Hologram Earth soon hits the road again and is looking forward to deliver more head-banging shows for you and yours!
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    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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  1. Hologram Earth is Weekly Featured Artist at It Djents. They wrote a really nice piece about our debut album 'Black Cell Program' http://www.itdjents.com/featured-band-of-the-week/wfa-hologram-earth/
  2. thePROGmind 9/10: https://theprogmind.com/2017/04/06/hologram-earth-black-cell-program/ progressivemusicplanet 8.5/10: https://progressivemusicplanet.com/2017/03/29/hologram-earth-black-cell-program/ It Djents 8.5/10 Full album streams, enjoy! spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/4jCkeMksqQrmHQojab2Iwd bandcamp: https://hologramearth.bandcamp.com
  3. Howdie, May I lend your ear for some fresh progressive metal? Our debut full length concept album drops on April 7th. Five years of hard work has lead to 'Black Cell Program', our tribute to music. We invite everyone to enjoy our joy and discipline of playing! (pre-) order at https://hologramearth.bandcamp.com cheers! Luuk
  4. Fellow progressive Metal Fans, check out the in-studio music video of our debut albums' single. We see ourselves as a DIY band, as all audio recording, mixing, video editing, etc. was done by ourselves. Any feedback is welcome cheers! https://hologramearth.bandcamp.com (free download) pCu-eTilq2s
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