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    and you've been gnomed

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  1. if you're looking for thrash, check out bands like: Phantom Witch: https://phantom-witch.bandcamp.com/ Invicta: https://invictacanada.bandcamp.com/ Toxic Holocaust: https://toxicholocaust.bandcamp.com/ Raider: https://raiderofficial.bandcamp.com/ Untimely Demise: https://untimelydemise.bandcamp.com/ Aepoch: https://aepochmetal.bandcamp.com/
  2. "I fucked up" - Kyle Thomas, Heavy As Texas Debut, Death of a Prodigy (Song 3), 1m 56s into the song.
  3. ready to fight - toxic holocaust
  4. so i've been trying to diversify from the constant shuffle of random songs by toxic holocaust and i found out about this pretty nice band's debut album it was free so that was a perk also this toxic holocaust song just gave me a migrane whoops it's got some groove metal and heavy metal aspects, and implements djenting at some point of one of the songs, overall a really diverse album check it out here (note i am not part of this band mods please don't hurt me): http://heavyastexas.com/
  5. i've been kinda bored just listening to metal so i decided to check out a forum for once it's pretty alright so far. also i've been laughing for about 30 minutes imagining a garden gnome in a dimebag costume complete with tiny guitar
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