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  1. Sitting in my hometown Savannah at the moment, I come up here every 4-6 weeks during the summer for some small business ventures I have but its always so depressing though with the stagnancy and familial bullshit, amongst other things, reminds me why I left every time. Wont have to do it much come October though.
  2. Smackdown Live was at my work last tuesday, i caught a little bit of the show but not alot, so I recorded this weeks Raw and I watched last night. It was horrible. Im having a hard time recalling any genuinely good workers that I saw, the Riot Squad girls looked pretty crisp and I think the Dolph Ziggler/McIntyre team has good chemistry but that was it. The rest just seem like big guys that are there for the visual aesthetic rather than be good workers. Kevin Owens may be an exception to that but I havent seen a lot. I find Seth Rollins to be overrated as hell and dont even get me started on this ridiculous Lesnar/Reigns nonsense. I did see Bray Wyatt make an appearance though whom Ive thought was one of the better guys out this era
  3. I used to be into a lot of anime when I was young teen but kinda slipped out of it aside from the classics. Just now getting back into some as of the past year. I absolutely loved Parasyte. Devilman Crybaby was a pretty fun watch as well. Lately though its been all about Dragon Ball Super. I loved DB as a kid and kinda neglected the new stuff for a while but I saw the trailer for the Broly movie and now Ive already watched every english dub, going to start the subs here in the next few days and probably be finished in 2 weeks. I think it's pretty great, the new animation makes for superb fight scenes and theyve made some surprisingly intriguing arcs with the new vilians.
  4. Fuckin' isnt it!? It's like Hippie Killer and Hate Ashbury had a baby. Love the posty elements, and what a finish!
  5. Man. Electric Wizard has been one of my favorite bands of all time since I was 17, but I'm pretty disappointed in what they've become as of late. I despise the latest album. I didnt think that would matter though, when I decided to make the trek to Austin this past April to catch them with Russian Circles (who were simply astounding btw). I was wrong. Dont get me twisted, it wasnt a horrible set, they played some great oldies, nice and loud, awesome visuals and all. But what really got me irritated was a very drunk Jus Oborn insisting on attempting these noodley improv solos where they didnt belong, as if they're trying to become some sort of evil jam band. The last straw was the closer. They start Funeralopolis, a fantastic choice for a close, what could go wrong right? Welp. Turns out, they thought itd be a cool idea to throw one of the new songs IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF FUNERALOPOLIS before transitioning into the closing fast riff. And the entire time I'm standing there asking myself "why? why would they do this? who told them this was a good idea?" It was seriously depressing. And I simply dont know what to think about this band anymore.
  6. Just got back from New York, and I never return home without some new vinyl. Found Cryptopsy's Blasphemy Made Flesh in a little shop, and at the Bongripper show I not only got a copy of Terminal, but managed to get it signed by all four members. Pretty stoked about that
  7. I have my gripes with it time to time, but honestly I do love Tampa. Considering I come from a town that barely shows any communal support for any music scene, much less metal, it's a great fit for me and what I want to do. I think I'll probably do another 3 years here before I head somewhere that actually has a winter.
  8. Been in a bit of a funk as of late. Extremely antisocial. Im constantly busy trying to keep up with my regular responsibilities but in all honesty my current relationship is not to conducive to that. We've been having alot of issues lately that I continue to try to work past but she can never seem to keep optimism for more than a few hours and we end up at odds again. Just very emotionally exhausting, to the point where Im starting to feel that the general functionality of my life is suffering. A younger me would have just walked away by now but I guess I'm just trying to fulfill the challenge to myself of saving it, regardless of how impossible it may seem at this stage. On a lighter note, my show the other night went great. The supporting acts were pretty garbage if im being honest, but we got an overwhelmingly positive response. Booked 2 more shows almost immediately and now with the help of my buddies in Shroud Eater we're beginning the conception of an all out doom fest here in tampa. Once again, music has become the one consistent anchor of positivity in my life
  9. Yall, seriously.........this new Terminal album is fantastic.
  10. The dichotomy between Office and Parks and Rec has always been a dividing one (referring to the US Office particularly). I love both, but I think I may like Parks and Rec a little more simply because I found it to be more consistent in its entirety. The Office was a pretty untouchable comedy for its first 4 years, had a little bit of a dip because of some unwise narrative choices, and even though they didnt go to complete shit immediately after Carell left, it was imminent and eventually happened despite the talent they tried to introduce. Parks stayed at a consistent jolt for me, never lost a truly integral character outside of Rashidah Jones who really wasnt written to be the heaviest hitter on the joke spectrum. The last season was the weakest but still ended with dignity imo. Anyone into the english comedy Peep Show? One of the most underrated comedies ever if you ask me. Used to be on netflix but i dont think it is anymore
  11. My girlfriend had never seen the Sopranos before (my personal favorite show of all time) and I rewatch it every year so she's hooked now. I just love getting wrapped up in the way that just about every scene is full of micro-psychology if you will. Plus what kind of film enthusiast cant love Gandolfini?
  12. anyone here listen to wrestling podcasts? I kinda discovered Stone Cold's by accident a few months ago and I really enjoy the episodes where he has guys from the industry on, his one with Scott Hall is fascinating and engaging as well as the one with Mick Foley. The Jericho podcast has some good ones but honestly I feel both of these shows can only be as good as their guests. Been looking to find another series to get into
  13. I dont think Deafheaven is a terrible band. In fact, I think about 60-70% of their stuff is pretty enjoyable, albeit not anywhere near the best of the post-black genre (which I, also controversially, enjoy immensely)
  14. Im not 100% sure itll be out before the end of the year, but Immortal Bird's first full-length is definitely my top watched release for now. They're one of the few bands I truly feel can do no wrong, or at least hasnt yet. I also keep hearing rumors of Beaten to Death dropping a new one this year but those guys are so all over the place. Pig Destroyer just dropped a new song today, havent gotten to listen to it yet though but I'm always excited to hear from them
  15. Gearing up for our show Saturday, looking forward to finally hitting the stage with a bass in hand again instead of just a mic. After that I'll be working tirelessly till the 24th, when I fly to New York to catch Bongripper's 2 night run at St vitus, so goddamn stoked for it. I've been doing a decent bit of heavy duty travel for music this year, just a couple months ago I hit Austin up for Electric Wizard and Russian Circles, in which Circles just blew Wizard clean outta the water to my surprise. Pretty sad about missing Ufommamut in Atlanta last month though