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  1. Asagraum has pretty solid female vocals.
  2. Got myself the album of Lordaeron. Was kind of disappointed. But at least they have Warcraft influenced lyrics I guess. I hope the new Operation Volkstod album has a physical release, would love to add to my collection
  3. @MacabreEternal so it is not allowed to share single finished video projects here?
  4. Hello, I am looking for a logo designer. It should not be too over the top (it should be readable, yet metal themed) because it is for my indie video production "label", to brand my productions. I am only looking to see if I could find someone interested in it or if anyone can give me a tip where else to look. I'd be looking for a Textbased Logo and a small one (eg. for facebook avatar) only with the initials NP. I'll be looking into similar works of other artists to give a direction if I can find someone. I'd also be willing to pay a small fee. thx,.
  5. Thought I'd create a topic for this hobby. I got back into video editing because I decided to produce a lyric music video for our upcoming album. I have so much fun producing it so far that I think about doing another one free of charge for bands I like, though it's a shitton of work. So far I've put in 15 hours of work and not even all assets are finished. Might also think about studying media design when my current job does not do it anymore. Damn, starting this again gave me so much hope for the future. I've started editing vids with a "bought" version of sony vegas back in middle school and I've never used a different tool, though I might look into premiere and adobe AE when thigns get more serious, but now I am just doing it for fun so it's ok if it's not too professional I guess. I've entered AMV contestson local anime events as a teenager and it was always fun seeing reactions of people watching live. One time someone even shook my hand. Also, I brought some better music to these conventions Not into anime or tv shows in general anymore though. I'd love to learn AE for the layering feature which Vegas Pro requires a workaround to achieve. Let's share some knowledge, feel free to post some vids you did!
  6. Young and in the Way - That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie
  7. NP: Havamal - Dawn of the Frost Giants
  8. ordered this one: Pretty amateurish record, but I like it for that reason somehow. Also, there is 1 song not available online and I wanna hear that.
  9. @Vampyrique I used to be a big hypochondriac because of a acute panic disorder but now I am not. I am talking about a level of hypochondriachy that I thought my heart would stop beating if I put my hand away from it or havign a brain tumor when I get a small headache, being addicted to something because I just simply wanted to do something (no matter if drugs or an activity of some sort). I lived like this for a year straight alongside dissociations with ~4 hours of sleep max because my heartbeat would keep me awake. How did I get over that? I dunno, now I live and just wait to die sort of and stopped caring about health. And then I just forgot about it and learned to have fun again, now it is not an issue anymore. Anyways. What's on my mind now? Still got a cold like many at my company do. Yesterday I did nothing and I hate that. Today I just slack and meet a friend. My headache is killing me though.
  10. NP: Intestine Baalism - Tyrant Then the whole 2nd album Maybe the 3rd on vinyl later at home... Damn, I hope they will make a 4th one after 11 years finally... They play live again so the chances are pretty good... I guess?
  11. current playlist that should get me through the work day.
  12. thinking about calling in sick tomorrow because I feel pretty sick. Bad thing is my doctor always tells me I am not sick when I feel sick because I don't have any symptoms besides a little trouble speaking and being tired af, maybe a headache. I hate this guy.
  13. @MacabreEternal well, not everyone has the same mental capacities. NP: The Crown - Necrohammer
  14. I do smoke sometimes, but it makes me really spacey the day after which I do not like so much. Also, sometimes, very rarely I get panic attacks, but I still enjoy it. Got some pretty good hash from a friend last weeekend, but I work on several projects now so I don't really wanna toke too much.
  15. Picked up some classic in flames (Whoracle and Colony) as well as Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson. Thinking about getting some Cannabis Corpse Merch this month when my other bills are payed and I still have money. Last month I got some Dark Tranquillity & Asphyx Albums for my collection, as well as the old school shirt of Dark Tranquillity with a print of their demo tape's cover on it, it's badass!