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  1. Woods of Ypres - Distractions of living alone
  2. Symmetry of the Void - Scry from the Wounds
  3. Also pumped to listen to your material
  4. On my mind today: After 2 cancelled gigs (as opener for Krisiun and Entrails) I'll be playing live finally again on Halloween. In a way it's good we play so late because we'll be able to print merch and CDs by then, not by the other gigs so it would have been another gig for nothing but exposure and 50€, would've loved to meet either of the bands though. Our first gig received positive reception and we were asked for merchandise numerous time that evening, so hopefully we'll be able to collect some cash for a small tour outside the country sometime or a full length release.
  5. @RelentlessOblivion thanks a bunch. I have made my first experiences with depression and panic attacks from early on (around 6 years), so I can somehow handle it without actually hurting myself. Sometimes I endanger myself though, which is dumb, but you can't really bother in these moments.
  6. Life went from pretty good to pretty bad quickly. It's concerning how fast my mood swings when faced with trauma. Funnily enough, when I am faced with experiences directly, asked about it I don't get any problems or bad feelings usually, though I don't feel the need to talk about it and block off, which might be coping. But when something similar happens my mind shuts into hermit mode and I isolate, binge forums and music and wish the moment where I binge all of it just would not end, as if I would not have to sleep, or rather get up the next day to do some shit before binging again until I feel fine again. This now could take a while. Did not eat much/enough for days. Don't feel a lack of energy though. Trying to be social at work to at least not fall into loneliness again on top of the shit that happened. Well, even if I would I have friends here who told me I should give them a call when something happens, but oh well, I rather not talk about it in person. It's just some exaggerated reaction to a series of bad shit that will fade and stay away for the majority of time anyways, so why bother. It'll be fine, so whatever. It's just so messed up because a series of good and bad things happened within such a short time so I don't really know how to feel, so my mind kind of decided to feel nothing instead of switch throughout the day. Though it's the perfect mindset to listen to Xasthur, almost magical.
  7. Psychonaut 4 - Death is a Form of Art
  8. Necturion


    @Requiem Alright, then it most likely is a hoax. It still baffles my mind. I found out about it by an article called all of Mayhem's shows in 1990 or something. I still wonder how tf and who made it up. it has to be someone closeby. But even then, why do I find (fake Leipzig) recordings claiming to be in my town on russian sites? It's fucked up and really messing up my mind more than it should probably. Also, I think you meant Sarpsborg
  9. Necturion


    It just seems so odd that this name pops up with the zeitz recordings and it seems to be a widespread rumour, however the recordings that I found (those are not the ones I was talking about) seemed to be slowed down versions of Zeitz indeed.
  10. I enjoy the band "Reflections" of that genre, but don't listen to it mainly. You should post questions like that in the according forum though and not in introductions I guess in the future. Edit: Also - Currents. Specially the song "Rose"
  11. @H34VYM3T4LD4V3 Yes, the switch really has a catalogue of great games. I recommend Spyro Reignited Trilogy, one of the games I always wanted to see on nintendo because it is so fitting. Its my favorite platformer of the 90s. Not playing smash atm, will buy all of the dlc fighters when I feel like it again. Spent a lot of time playing mario kart in my eveningschool time and also odysee. Man, time ran, already 2 years passed since I went there... Fun times.
  12. @rakestein you should get a switch. It is one of the best and unique systems I have played.
  13. Pretty sad because someone moves away... Don't even know him for long it's just that I am pretty lonely in general so this sets me off fairly quickly and intensely.
  14. Necturion


    @BalorI also can't really believe they did. It's weird however that this rumour exists and I am interested where it originated from. It's weird that someone would come up with it as this town is fairly unknown, especially in the global scale of things. I know or rather have heard there was a pretty infamous black metal scene among the locals back in the day though. I did not spend the night at my place so I did not have the opportunity to check out the recordings I found. I got redirected to this video and I was sceptical because it said live in gleisdorf at the thumbnail in google but not on youtube.