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  1. Blessmon Aleere No Point In Living Satans Elite Kommando Fortress Black
  2. Nordjevel - Norges Sorte Himmel
  3. It's about the feelings, not the music or lyrics. If you don't like it you should not force yourself to. Metal aims to speak to a specific type of personality who is drawn to the extreme or people looking for a thrill among other personality traits, thus many also like horror movies while many normal people don't.
  4. I was thinking back and forth if I should go. My friend also asked me to join, but the ntold me he can't go on vacation off work, so we decided not to sadly. Going to Area 53 and Kaltenbach this year in my home country of Austria
  5. Welcome. Who does not love some good BM?
  6. Welcome Sloth! Enjoy yourself.
  7. Enjoy yourself, welcome!
  8. Glad you found your way here, hellcome!
  9. Nordjevel Self-Titled Album
  10. Will give you a spin and buy your albums if I like it. Do you have physical releases?
  11. Yes, I also come up with different titles all the time. I somehow like the title of the song 'Stardrowned' by At The Gates because it sounds like something out of an RPG and I wanted something along those lines. I want Lucid to be in it so it does not sound like a complete ripoff to Stardrowned.
  12. Cry Thunder - Dragonforce
  13. Man, oh man. I mean I like the songs of my band and listen to our demo from time to time but generally I don't really bother listening to our songs so much because I sing them 3 times a week during practice and sometimes more often when we have a gig coming up. Yea, it is self promotion but I think the rule is there to prevent spam. To me, if He really likes his music that much that he puts it in his top 10 "Heavy" Metal albums it is not so bad. Not like he spams the whole forum with it, but what should I say, just my point of view. As to my top 10, don't usually listen to Heavy, so I can't come up with a distinct list. I do enjoy Ozzy, Maiden, Motörhead & Venom from time to time though.