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  1. I recommend this YouTube channel, sometimes it’s more than a little silly, but it’s over all fun and deeply nerdy and informative. Some of the presenters have questionable taste, but the older guy Martin Popov is his name I think, is especially interesting to hear. https://www.youtube.com/user/BangerFilmsInc
  2. I really enjoy watching Banger TV on YouTube. Does anyone else care for that Chanel as well?
  3. Maybe it’s not as sexy, and perhaps it’s a little academic, but when you achieve Metal Forum 101 it might feel pretty good.
  4. That’s very tough stuff, relentless, I am sorry you are dealing with that.
  5. Are there open mics in your area? What instrument do you play anyway. Regardless of the answer I would recommend learning to play 12 bar blues even if you have no interest in the sound of it. It’s fundamental and you can play with people at that point and even metal issues from the blues. If you don’t already, start playing sabbath against recordings (advice I should follow myself).
  6. Hey, I drank 3/4 a bottle of Italian Rose, 3 fruity hard seltzers, and a couple small glasses of rum. I’ e Really been on my game recently so that is not all that much, but a solid buzz non the less. I was at an anniversary party with friends. Today I was listen8ng to Manila Road and shingling the garage. I also listened to Holloween. Other stuff I don’t remember as well.
  7. Come the fuck at me BITCHES , hashtag “this is that day for it” hostage enjoy your freedom, hashtag nearly drunk at nearly three pm dot commercial. Fucking dot comertial dot com. Now I’m pretty much ready to satart partying Merica style. If if you ain’t than we will get to your ass in a minute for sure. In in the final analysis real deal of it though, across the board , I advise you get down to business of being free, as free as you can be. just because it rhymes doesn’t meant it’s not the the way to go. with love to all and not all that done in as I might seem, Gorbogorboze wishes to u well.
  8. What country is that Kilian? Geno’s is tiny and the bands are just at arms legenth if you’re right up front (if you are up in front you will be standing next to me). Conan was so bass heavy it was like being in a hot tub with water jets all over. Really massive vibrations. I think it wholesome and clears out lymph like some kind of heavy metal spa treatment. wholesome as long as you have some sort of ear protection.
  9. I saw Conan at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland ME, USA last night. First show in a few months for me, and they were pretty impressive, especially the drummer. Enjoyed the others bands as well , Witchkiss in particular.
  10. My wife has never heard Holy Diver before. She was 17 in 1983.
  11. I've been playing it most days for an hour or more and have two bands meeting weekly with a third in the works. I think the robots in my dreams represent the bass itself, and the dinosaurs the history of rock music, and sex is... no wait, the robots are my snark tuner maybe, and dinos are the band members and sex represents all the depleated 9v batteries littering the ground, or maybe the sex is the undelt with short in the battery housing slot for the active pickup.
  12. No name because it was copied and not a commercial product, is that correct? This is why you give no detail about cover art in your post i'm guessing. I bet it's an American band, does that seem like a reasonable assumption? Bombtrack was release in '93 I see, pretty tight against your timeline for a cover. Was you tape for sure an album by one band and not a compilation? "Speak now or forever hold your breath" does sound like a familiar line, as I recall the music basically came to a stop except the drums and the line is delivered sort of in a spoaken word style more than sung, only slowly and with a rough attitude. Do I recall the thing, or am I kidding myself?
  13. I had a rusty nail, Scotch and Drambuie (the stickiest form of alcohol). My wife adds some weird walnut liquor that is bitter and improves the thing in taste, but doesn't help much with the stickiness.
  14. Stopped by to say hello, hope this finds you all well. Not much on my mind except robots, dinosaurs, and sex... if my dreams are to be believed. Or tree pruning, rock&roll, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu if you go by what I spend my time doing.
  15. When you reviewed Candlemass and The Door of Doom, you reviewed the last album I purchased a copy of, and here you review the last album I down loaded on Spotify. If you had reviewed Manilla Road and Out of the Abyss, we would be right in line, but you would never have done that, since unlike me, you are smart enough not to be duped by spotify into thinking that came out in 2018. I've been listening to that downloaded on Spotify and believing it to be Mr Shelton's swan song like a ne culturne asshole might. I see now it came out in 2005 and is a compilation to boot, so here you have my confessional. As for the Wings of War, I think it's awesome, especially the drumming you mention. "Batshitcrazy" is my favorite cut. I like to listen to Overkill when I drive, but it might not help.
  16. Well I think Death Magic Doom is even better than Tails of Creation. But more to the point when Psalms for the Dead Came out billed as their final album, I was really distraught, as I basically only really liked the song "Time Is Black" and felt sorry they would end with such a poor album, and I didn't buy it, So I like this one just fine, and I bough it and The House of Doom, and The EP before that, whatever it's called (the internet remembers it as Death Thy Lover, so there you have it) the point is Candlemass has my attention. Thanks for giving them your attention with a review. Your taste remains impeccable. I wish you had mentioned the cover art in the review, as it is beautiful, especially the black and white photo of an open hearse on the inside, which took my breath away when I opened the thing. Maybe I'm posting a spoiler, sorry if so.
  17. It's raining cat and dogs, and the basement if filling up with water. I deployed my signature garden hose siphon though, so don't cry for me metal forum, I'll be fine. (I know how to set one up, but maybe can't spell it, siphon seems correct.)
  18. What appeals to me will be Heavy, Epic and therefore Elating.
  19. I've watched a little Banger TV and been turned on to some fabulous things there recently.
  20. Hello all, and happy new year. All is well in Maine, though it's cold. I'm glad to see the forum is active, and continues to work for the glory of heavy metal. It's been a long time, I feel like I ought to have brought a present. Let me see what I can find. This is for Chinese new year, so it's not even late, it's a few weeks early. Year of the pig, how about that? pretty exciting!
  21. I'm playing top 40 hits in a cover band I joined a couple months ago. Figure it out by the royal bloods, and High Horse by Kasey Musgrave are on my to do list tonight.
  22. I was glad to see this come into the world!
  23. I just invented a drink which is basically equal parts Campari, brandy, white wine, tonic water and then a little simple syrup with a lemon twist. No too shabby.
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