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  1. To me one special thing about Metal is that it is brave, and willing to dig down to a gritty or twisted place and dredge up some primal emotion and shed light on it, or maybe just poke it with a stick. (the blues does this as someone on this thread said something about. Unfortunately I just can't like the blues try as I might) Anther thing about Metal is that it is the only music that makes me bellow at my car stereo while pumping my fist or horns in the air.
  2. The idea of the news being introduced by Metal is interesting. Some the music that introduces the news is a bit harsh and edgy. In a way it makes sense as if its saying brace yourself because here comes the news and it might be heavy and provoke anxiety or fear or sadness or some other strong emotion. There is a bit of Metal and Metal like music in advertising also isn't there? I wanted somehow to say something about how the qualities that exist in metal in a big way are present in other music, just not to the same degree, or in a different way. We are well conditioned to hearing the background music around us, so though it may mostly seem pointless, silly or dull especially next to Metal it may have hard and even intense qualities we are no longer sensitive to. If somehow you could expose some 19th century composer to what you though was the most inane drivel around today, you might find that the Miley Cyrus tune would totally blow him away with its use of some dissonant cord or whatever that we are just not sensitive to anymore.
  3. Ataraxie since it's listed on the Doom/Death thread.
  4. Glad I finally cleaned the fish tank. It should have a tiki head sculpture.
  5. Bolt Thrower- For Victory, because it was being discussed. Always loved the name, just a great name and I like the music, vocals not to my taste.
  6. GorboGorboze


    I'm not much of a player, but I mostly beat my big brother these days which is a welcome change. I played a good player three games in a row in under twenty minutes (unclocked) and he just tore me to shreds without effort. It was eye opening.
  7. Lacrimas Profundere Burning : A Wish
  8. Nice showmanship, and old school vibe. the time is now for kill!
  9. I am surly the consummate newbie, but this is my first dark field comment entry, so I feel the Metal Gods will that my input be permitted. Metal will parish from this world, as everything will. I doubt that it would even survive long without the aid of electricity, though it might. Much has been heavy and much has made sense. Take Turandot as an example. It is always heavy, it always makes sense, it does not need electricity. It can always be rendered adequately by highly trained professionals. It is not metal. As professional opera singers, just by way of an example, perfect their technique, they come to resemble one another. Would anyone agree with me that Metal is about differentiation? I've never heard another voice like Ozzy's, nor (say what you will about him and his silly little hair band) one like the voice of Bon Jovi. Well, that is true of all folk music. What is special about Metal? Its plunges its hands into a bee hive to yank out honey and eats it savoring both the stinging pain and the sweet delight. Sorry, that was just facile melodrama. I don't know what the fuck Metal is, but I wish to hell I could play it, because that would be fucking awesome.
  10. A Happy Memorial day to all, (U.S. of) American and other wise, Sang "The Star Spangled Banner", heard "Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground" and "Before the Battle Mother" preformed live, then Hawaiian music, Bollywood, and high tone 80's music courtesy of Songsa. Then Electric Wizard's witch craft today and now, thanks to your fine influence, My Dying Bride's Songs of Darkness, Songs of Light.
  11. Hey Blackfaded, I'm new also, and also have this white background problem you mentioned. I've looked over the FAQ and have not found anything about it there. Did you ever find a solution?
  12. Electric Wizard makes me want to take off into the void at a million miles an hour in a Spaceship made of metal alloys tainted with radioactivity. It makes me feel that way and then it just never lifts off and does it. I don't blame them, because I don't know how it could be done musically, but the sense of yearning is enormous.
  13. I love The Sword. I really like the lyrics on Apocryphon. I wish they would be considered doom because I don't like the term Stoner Metal and I feel like they are a very Heavy band.
  14. Very fun map. By the way, it turns out that avant-guard metal may not be for me. Oh well, guess I'm a square.
  15. There is this thing that the one classic vocalist does, would it be Messiah Marcolin, where he comes to the end of a line, pauses to make a Frankenstein monster gesture, and then sings the last word while giving the camera the crazy eye. It is very metal and very entertaining.
  16. GorboGorboze


    I can see how someone would like it, but it seems tethered to me, maybe in the vocals. It is plodding. Does this band ever cut loose and soar? If so please tell me the name of that tune. I wicked like his voice though.
  17. Thanks, I enjoy it a little bit. More "Doom Punk" then Doom Metal. I appreciate that the lyrics are intelligible, but the forced rhyming is maybe a bit tiresome to me, if you'll forgive me for saying so.
  18. Thanks for the welcome Thanks for the greeting. I saw your paintings on an artwork thread and was a bit disturbed and very impressed. I could practically see the mussels moving under the skin. Also, I listened to Abject this morning, and again... way outside my comfort zone. I was actually unable to endure the tune Confined, maybe about the most extreme music I've heard, and super put together. If I get it, and your Kishor, then your like a Joni Mitchell with the singing, songwriting and cover art: a very edgy Joni Mitchell. thanks again.
  19. Hello All, I'm glad to be here. I live in rural Maine in the USA. Mostly I'm into old-school doom, but like lots of heavy music. My Rock-And-Roll Fantasy longs for contact, so thanks for having me.
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