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  1. Giles Corey - I'm going to do it
  2. Виктор Цой - Кукушка
  3. "Rainbow Mirror" for sure. Not his most accesible record but in my opinion his best one and since you already know PE it should be easy listen for you. I also recommend his album "Frozen Niagara Falls" which is leaning more towards Death Industrial but its a total masterpiece. Dominick is pure genius man
  4. Hell yeah! Their album "Death Mask" its a true masterpiece in my eyes. They're the first PE band I ever listened to along with Prurient (another great artist)
  5. Ramleh - Hole In The Heart Best power electronics band I've ever heard along with Whitehouse and Prurient
  6. Those bands are amazing! I used to listen to them nonstop when I was younger. I'll recommend you some of my fav local bands that are amazing as well (they're not punk but they have that DIY spirit in them as some of those punk bands have or had) First of all Convulsions, best grindcore band of all Spain I don't have any doubt. https://youtu.be/Ua_KTqf84Cw Tarsius Tarsier, crust punk/emo. If they play near you make sure to go see them. One of the craziest shows I've ever been. https://youtu.be/jkCwxJzu-bI Theomer, another crust punk band. I think they will have a new EP released this month. https://youtu.be/qF6_IBYKN7U Vieitör, beatdown/hardcore from Viveiro https://youtu.be/vQvhNIECEq8
  7. Oh my bad haha, I'm not too familiar with their discog yet. I've been listening to their ST and their 2018 EP "Buddha Composted Pond" and I love the sound so far. What would you recomend from them?
  8. That's crazy! I'm so jealous right now hahaha. Congrats on completing it!
  9. I recommend their album "Dipsomania", for me it has their best compositions. All of it from start to finish its pure gold. https://psychonaut4.bandcamp.com/album/dipsomania I also love their album "Neurasthenia" and recommend the song "Sweet Decadence". That song its a great explanation of what the band's sound is. https://psychonaut4.bandcamp.com/track/sweet-decadance
  10. Can't do a SDBM thread and don't talk about Psychonaut 4. So here I go. They are a band from Georgia, their lyrics I think are written in russian so if you don't understand you can always use Google Translate haha. Their music is very opressive and hard to listen since their sound usually builds up to a point where everything is very loud but at the same time very clear. They like to use a lot of clean sections with clean guitar or piano. It's hard for me to explain their sound since they are mainly SDBM but use lots of Post-metal elements and lots of atmospherics and some times they can even be classified as psychedelic. I'm going to recommend their album "Dipsomania" since it helped me through tough times and I really think about it as one of the pillars of SDBM. Hope you understood what I tried to said (I'm trying to improve my english by not using a translator hehe), here is their bandcamp link to the "Dipsomania" album. https://psychonaut4.bandcamp.com/album/dipsomania Edit: Forgot to say that they have some songs in english but their main language I believe is russian
  11. Feels kind of like a joke band and the music is very predictable. Didn't really like it 3/10
  12. I'm from a town near Barcelona. What bands do you like man? For sure you should know some cool Punk bands since Spain it's an amazing place for this genre.
  13. Mahr - Soulmare II Recommended if you like your Black Metal obscure af. https://mahr-pk.bandcamp.com/album/soulmare-ii