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  1. Cross your fingers so this one haves some growls on it hahahaha
  2. These are the most powerful lyrics I've ever heard in a song. by Justing Broadrick "Jesu - Heart Ache" What's become of you? You've been bought for less than you think I hope for anything But really there's nothing How much can you take? How much can I take? You hope for everything But really there's nothing But really there's nothing...
  3. Feels like a joke but it isn't. What do you think about all happening around Batushka? Did you liked the new songs posted by both Batushkas? Who do you think is the real one?
  4. Do you prefer a slow and longer song with less riffs but a big emotional weight or a short and fast song full of crazy technical riffs but less emotive? 2 examples (both equally heavy): - Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood (emotive) Super heavy song but carrying a bigger and bigger weigh as the song goes. Reaching a peak at the end with the tribal drums and noises. - Celeste - Comme des amants en reflet (Technical) Also super heavy and same genre as Neurosis but a lot shorter and just exploding fast riffs right in your face.
  5. 6/10 Main riff feels weak but vocals are cool
  6. Not exactly my thing but it's a pretty fun listen. 7/10
  7. Another Dove song was posted 2 days ago. This one doesn't sound that much like the other 2 but really digging it.
  8. Have A Nice Life - 'Burial Society'
  9. Thanks alot! I'll try investigate a little bit. If I find anything I'll post it in here 👍
  10. Could you provide a link to Nigamushi? Couldn't find any on Youtuber or bandcamp and I'm interested about them
  11. Kilian_Leon


    Just discovered this while entering into the dark side of youtube and saw that they have almost no views and that the last upload was like yesterday. Its just fucking weird electronic dark ambient and feels like being in a constant loop. Also they just have 2 songs on their "oficial" youtube (I couldn't find anymore). Reminds me a lot to some of the works of Bull of Heaven and I can enjoy them since I'm a big ambient fan. This band intrigues me a lot so what do you think? (Also couldn't find any bandcamp and outer info so if you know anything about them just post it in here please :D)
  12. Kilian_Leon


    They make one of the best Doom but almost no one knows them, why does this happen? Also if you dont know them check them out. You'll be surprised that there are only 2 instruments in that wall of sound haha. https://urskoghymn.bandcamp.com/track/rise
  13. Sounds amazing good job man!
  14. Amazing solo project by Tristan Shone. His style combines Sludge/Doom/Industrial. The amazing thing about this project is seeing his live performances. I'm not going to say anything else since it's better seeing it with your own eyes.