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  1. Welcome! Hope you discover some great music in here! What bands do you like man?
  2. Kilian_Leon


    Well... We just discovered that Nugget has brain damage probably from when she felt from her nest... She has spasms and short seizures and is not improving at all. I'll take her to the vet as soon as I can so they can confirm and tell me what to do but I'm pretty sure this is not something normal... I feel so bad for her.
  3. I'm from Catalonia (Spain). A lot of great bands come here and I'm very pleased with that but Conan is not coming that often so I can go see them. The most similar experience I had was in a Yob concert they did 3 months ago. Everything was vibrating and the drums were really huge. They came with the black metal band Wiegedood and they were very loud and huge as well but nothing compared to Yob. Funfact: I had the opportunity to talk to Mike (the singer) at the end of the show and I was so nervous that I just shook his hand for like 10 seconds without saying a word hahahha. Then we took a photo but that was weird hahaha
  4. I was wrong then haha. Anyways, hope you have a nice time in here. I'm fairly new to this site as well and everyone has been nice to me, so yeah, that's a very nice forum.
  5. Lucky you man! hahaa. Conan is one of that bands I have to see before I die. But they don't come to my country that often so that's pretty sad
  6. Welcome! Do you come from the Deathgrind forum? Your username sounds familiar to me
  7. I know that I can scream and do some weird shit Fullofhell-like with my voice (I still need some practice but getting there slowly). But I don't actaully like my clean vocals, what do you think of them? What should I improve? I'm also thinking of starting a set with this song for my Powerviolence band. Like start with me alone and then at the end of the song go full blast with our normal songs. I think that would be funny
  8. New Cult Leader video in 10 min
  9. Yeah that's true, but I mean music that is "softer" than metal or not as harsh. Like pop, indie, Hip Hop. So punk/hxc/noise/grindcore do not count haha.
  10. What are the most accepted non-metal albums within the metal comunity? Any favs of yours? I'll start with one of my all-time favs: The Unnatural World by Have A Nice Life
  11. American Football - Where Are We Now