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  1. Re: Let's Write a Song! This is too obvious but it just has to be....METAL! All of eternity will find the source of true metal
  2. Re: Advertising I'm clicking them even when I'm not interested
  3. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence ... Erasure's Always...
  4. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned for banning someone for using too much space while using tons of extra space themselves for their last fm boxes
  5. Re: Hello MetalForum we need more finns now tho, we seem to be running low on them!
  6. Avada


    Re: Eluveitie I really like Inis Mona, but I see what you mean. Just as with Finntroll there is one song that is catchy and easy to listen to, and then you get into the band and discover the more awesome stuff. Whenever I've been lucky enough to hear Finntroll in clubs it has always been Trollhammaren
  7. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned for starting the 8th page.
  8. Re: Hello MetalForum Sounds like a good plan
  9. Re: Hello MetalForum We were planning one, but so far there are only 3 of us going that I know of. And we know each other from before, so im nor sure if it counts
  10. Re: hey there world of metal! Welcome to the forum! I'm not really into metalcore either, but it's nice with more variation in the discussions here
  11. Re: Hello MetalForum Welcome to the forum, shame you're not going to wacken this year!
  12. Re: arab metal That's pretty cool It's kinda the way I imagined it would be.
  13. Avada

    Youtube Accounts

    Re: Your favorite youtube videos oooh I love Game of Thrones. That guy is awesome...
  14. Avada

    Web radio

    Re: Web radio Spotify is blocked too unfortunately. It used to be quite good but now they have added soo many commercial breaks unless you pay for it, boo.
  15. Re: Bal-Sagoth Niceness
  16. Re: Hello Headbangers Welcome to the metal forum! More aussies
  17. Avada


    Re: Eluveitie Definetly! I think they were mentioned a few times under Good folk metal bands, but they should have their own topic! I love their sound and all their different instruments. I have some friends who are starting to like them aswell but they can't pronounce the name, so they just call them "the Inis Mona band"
  18. Re: Hello to you all. Welcome to the forum, looking forward to see your avatar then
  19. Re: Hello Fellow Metalheads!!! Welcome to the forum!
  20. Avada

    In Flames

    Re: In Flames Your wife has good taste
  21. Re: Good evening Welcome to the forum! If you are going to uni in Nottingham you have to join the Rocksoc, if it is anyhitng like it used to be you will have an awesome time with them
  22. Re: Sweden Rock Festival I used to go every year, but stopped when they started raising the price too much. Good fun, but there are better festivals that cost the same or less. Plus I prefer metal festivals to rock festivals
  23. Re: NINJA METAL Bread metal would be interesting.
  24. Re: classical? I really like classical music, usually mostly when I'm sleepy tho
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