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  1. Saw Bolt Thrower back in June with Jungle Rot. Don't think anything's gonna top that.
  2. Les is amazing, ja. My first was probably Symphony X for their second tour for Iconoclast. Since then I've only been to a handful of shows, sadly. That, Exhumed/Vektor/Napalm Death, Wintersun's first US tour, Bolt Thrower, and Kreator/Overkill. Come to think of it, I haven't actually gone to any show with a remotely subpar lineup. Bolt Thrower will probably take the cake for the forseeable future, obviously.
  3. mcbeverage101


    Anybody heard these guys? Recently started getting into them, and hooooooly shit. They sound like UneXpect but Japanese. I just can't even, so perfect. e - if the youtube actually is derping, check out their album In Somniphobia to hear what got me into them. From that blistering NWOBHM-inspired riff right at the beginning to the synths to the sax solo, everything is just so glorious.
  4. Just noticed this thread, already posted this in the Exodus thread but whatever. Anyone a fan of mid-era Exodus? (Tempo of the Damned, Impact is Imminent, Fabulous Disaster, Force of Habit, and Pleasures of the Flesh) Their vocalist from that era is working on a new project, Hatriot. They released their demo ages ago, and recently released the single from their upcoming album. The demo: (Track 3 is called Globicidal, can't find a link though) Honestly, I have to say that the full-length is probably my most anticipated album for 2013, since I feel like they have the charm of old-school thrash and still feel pretty fresh.
  5. Zetro is still around in the metal world, and he's making some fucking awesome music. The single from their upcoming album came out yesterday, and the album is set to release mid-January. Check dis out.
  6. Re: great albums Thanks dude! Yeah, been pretty busy lately, to the point where even my time on my main forum has dropped significantly. Think I'll be on more in the forseeable future though.
  7. Re: Septicflesh Recently got into them, they're incredible.
  8. Angel Grave is a progressive death metal band from Chicagoland. They formed on April 16, 2011, almost a full year ago, and already have a fairly solid following in the region, and have recently released an EP. Much of their influence draws from bands such as Death, Cynic, Obscura, Voivod, and similar high-class bands in the metal world. If you're from the Chicagoland area, definetely check these guys out, they're pretty insane. Their Facebook is here, and you can check out some of their live videos at their bassist's youtube channel, located here.
  9. Re: Amorphis Been listening to loads of Amorphis lately. love 'em <3
  10. Re: Iced Earth Look up Black Jester's album "The Divine Comedy".
  11. Re: Iced Earth New album is pretty disappointing. To make it worse, from what I know of the setlist it seems they're not playing Stygian. Doubt I'll go to the Joliet show in March since I'll probably be in Indianapolis that weekend.
  12. Re: Summoning Been listening to these guys almost non-stop over the last couple days. Fuckin' love em, though their earlier shit (before even Lugburz) is a bit silly.
  13. Re: What Are You Listening To? Nevermore - We Disintegrate
  14. Re: what got you listening to metal? Friend on another forum (acop knows it) linked a track in the "Gettysburg" trilogy by Iced Earth in a "What are you listening to right now?" thread. I listened and realized that metal wasn't all bad like the masses would have you believe, and gradually my tastes in metal have grown to the point where I know know more bands than even the majority of the metalheads around me.
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