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  1. Metal has to be pretty popular still, just it's not as public as it once was. For example if it wasn't places like this forum wouldn't exist or there would only be a few members devoted to it. Because metal is frowned upon by most of the general population the music is only played in certain shops therefore restricting who hears it. Metal still has a huge marketing franchise we can be proud of. Doubt it will grow much unless we get a new version of Rob Zombie amd Manson though. It needs the uniqueness back imo.
  2. Fear Factory defo have a distinct Industrial sound going on, especially with Linchpin and Edgecrusher.
  3. Welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself
  4. Welcome to the forum, eternal damnation is your reward Have a great stay ^.^
  5. Shadow


    I've recently platinumed Call of Duty Declassified on the PS Vita and atm playing Sleeping Dogs on PS3.
  6. As far as rap goes, i'm a fan of Linkin Park who have done various albums which combine rock and rap. Be sure to check out the Collision Course album they did which features Jay Z.
  7. Shadow


    Lol i'm actually 21 and loving the avatar lol ^^
  8. Shadow


    My favourite pokemon are Typhlosion, Charizard and Blaizikin. I always prefer the fire starters, but i have a huge list of pokemon i love lol. Also i collect the trading cards
  9. Don't worry about it, i'll pass on the hot metal men thread lol
  10. Hey guys, i kinda find this thread offensive being a woman myself. We have brains you know.
  11. Shadow


    I'm a secret pokemon fan, grew up with it and can't wait for the first full 3D games being released on the 3DS this October.
  12. Lol we were both inventive with out PSN names it seems ^^
  13. The best place to listen to metal for me would be while out walking in the rain on a cold, black night.
  14. Hey guys, seen that quite a few of you are gamers just like me so wondered if you'd like to add each other on the PSN as friends. Feel free to post your PSN name below if you wish to be known by this community as a gamer ^^ Btw i'm Shadow7249 on the PSN.
  15. Hey welcome back online ^^
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