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  1. Re: Samael One blackmetal Artist worth Mentioning from Switerland is the one man outfit Forest of Fog, amazing melodic black metal. f_pCzS_LkCo&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PLDCDFE636FBF7B8DB
  2. Re: Cover Art of the Album You're Currently Listening to
  3. Re: Black Sabbath Very True as mentioned earlier Mob Rules and Heaven and Hell were amazing albums and my Favourite from Sabbath!!
  4. Re: Rate the song above you! 8/10 cant go wrong with Maiden!! heres some classic trash from 1984!! XN_zyo1dafI
  5. Valfar

    Dimmu Borgir!

    Re: Dimmu Borgir! I have always loved OMC more than Dimmu, Galder is a Genius when it comes to writing melodic riffs, saw them years ago supporting Cradle of filth, and was a gig ill never forget. Slaves of the world is a great album but still my favourite is the Pagan Prosperity. Also I do think what Dimmu have been releasing lately is amazing especially with some of the riffs galder has been creating.
  6. Re: What Are You Listening To? Old mans Child - the pagan Prosperity
  7. Re: Anyone for a Bit of VENOM Just got their new album havent given it a good listen yet but have to say some tracks arent half bad, compared to Hell and Metal Black, its not a bad listen
  8. Valfar


    Re: Books? Mostly into true crime /History books, Some recommendations: Lords of chaos (for black metal fans), Angels of Death (an insight to the Hells Angels), Hitlers henchmen, The simon Wiesenthal Story: the nazi hunter.
  9. Valfar


    Re: Wintersoul at last a new topic in the black metal section (even if it is unblack metal ) yeah they have a very tight sound, nice triggers on the drums very heavy, they remind me for some reason of Myrkskog (not sure why) also have an element of the behemoth sound , which is never a bad thing!
  10. Re: How was your day? alot better now that i have Dimmu on full blast and a pint of guinness in front me!!!
  11. Re: Rate the song above you! 8/10 very good tune! nBzygvYf3Z8&feature=share Really nice intro song kicks in about 1.20 in! love this band!
  12. Re: Ways To Kill Justin Bieber Poll well we never hear about him over hear (thank god) but he seems to on everyones mind in the states! so didnt mean it in a negative way towards you
  13. Valfar


    Re: Good folk metal bands? nice one my favourite folk band, they started the whole genre!! love vintage whine!!
  14. Re: Ways To Kill Justin Bieber Poll Americans
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