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  1. Re: mobile? Im not very good at understanding my smart phone, but id like the mobile version ofmetal forum to be a bit more cool and metal... Mine is a lame blue colour :/
  2. Re: Hello metalheads! Welcome to the forum! I like you list of bands
  3. Re: Hi everyone I'm new. Nice to meet you all Welcome to the forum, enjoy the metal
  4. Re: Greetings metal forum! Welcome to the forum! I think you will like it here
  5. Re: Hello everyone Welcome to the forum! I like the name of your blog, will have to check it out later
  6. Re: Sup dudes Welcome to the forum! I really like your sound, it deserves more listening
  7. Re: Hello people Welcome to the forum, sounds like youll fit right in
  8. Re: Hello Metal Forum. Welcome to the forum, hope you will like it here!
  9. Avada


    Re: Hailz Welcome to the metal forum, hope you will like it here
  10. Re: Hail Metalforum Hello and welcome! I think you are our first member from indonesia! Do you have any nice indonesian metal you can recomend to us?
  11. Re: Metal Pop/Rap/Blues/Folk Covers... I would love a sort of filter that turned all the shit music I'm forced to listen to at times into metal, like in the Rebecka something cover, you expect crap and instead there is growling I also found it really funny how Justins Biebers slightly bent over walk went kinda well with the growls.
  12. Re: harry potter metal Haha that was amazing, that guy is a genius Need to go listen to his other stuff, apparently there is a star wars one...
  13. Re: Hail Welcome to the forum!
  14. Re: Ow, my Head Hurts Welcome to the metal forum, Im sure you will like it here
  15. Avada


    Re: Hi. Im pretty tired right now so for a second I thought Iceni was recomending Stevie Woder instead of Seventh Wonder... Anyway, welcome to the forum!
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