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  1. Re: Rate the song above you!
  2. Re: Rate the song above you! Nah I beat you by 2 minutes. I give your thing 2/10 because it's pretty lame. -2Ag4B4m0Cs
  3. Re: Rate the song above you! The intro sounds like a metalized version of something that might appear in Harry Potter. It's alright, 7/10. Have at this VmVm-_yI1aY
  4. enraged


    Re: Neurosis Discovering Neurosis and finding you really like it is a spiritual experience. Cheers mate.
  5. Re: What Are You Listening To? Ulver - Synen
  6. enraged

    Ibanez talk

    Re: Ibanez talk Bought this not long ago. Ibanez RGD 320
  7. Re: Say Cheese <------ me twice.
  8. Re: Heavy Metal Farmer Those guys did Dubstep Santa and Death Metal Vicar also. Both recommended.
  9. Re: What Are You Listening To? Lamb of God - Laid to Rest found a Spotify list with "Hardcore - Metal - Punk" which contains lots of stuff I usually never listen to. Lot's of screamo/metalcore and such. Some of it is alright to have in the background while you churn out code at work I have found.
  10. Re: 334 members and where is everyone??? It's kind of weird that people bother to sign up but never post I agree but it's far from unusual unfortunately.
  11. Re: Devin Townsend Wigg did an interview with the man. Thought you guys might enjoy the read Wigg's Interview with Devin Townsend
  12. Re: any awesome metal band ???? I would suggest Aborym but based on the bands you listed off I'm not sure you'll like em.
  13. Re: Hello MetalForum Being indifferent to other people's difference in taste or ignorance (depending on how you view it) is not keeping the goodness to ourselves. It's just not burdening yourself with other people's opinions. Yeah fame usually comes from quality and talent but those things where there before the fame. There are numerous underground bands that make amazing music without having TV-ads or having their records sold at Wal-Mart. I have never visited a Wal-Mart in my life so I don't even know if they sell records but you get my point. I'm not out to convert anyone. I'll help anyone who wants it but to each his own.
  14. Re: Hello MetalForum Does it matter much what other people think though?
  15. Re: Marilyn Manson I can kind of appreciate the raw obscenity he promoted in the beginning of his career but now that he's "old" it's not the same. It's like looking at middle age punkers.