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  1. Can't help but love this release! Faithxtractor - Contempt for a Failed Dimension
  2. Schavot - Kronieken uit de nevel
  3. I can't help but loving this band so much and this song especially. Second To Sun - Shaitan
  4. Man Must Die is a long standing big fav of me - their furious and angry deathgrind does it for me. This new song of their new album is slower than normal. Let's see how the whole album pans out. Man Must Die - The Pain Behind It All
  5. Thanks! That is awesome news - I really loved their previous release!!
  6. Phobophilic - Enveloping Absurdity Sacrilegion - From Which Nightmares Crawl Walg - III
  7. To whom it may concern below is my blurred view on what is best of 2022 - this list if more material listened too would be likely little different: Album #1: Artificial Brain - Artificial Brain Album #2: Negative Plane - The Pact... Album #3: In Aphelion - Moribund Album #4: Vorga - Striving Toward Oblivion Album #5: De Profundis - The Corruption of Virtue Album #6: Sadistic Ritual - The Enigma, Boundless Album #7: The Antichrist Imperium - Volume III Satan in His Original Glory Album #8: Spider God - Fly in the Trap Album #9: Immolation - Acts of God Album #10: Wormrot - Hiss Album #11: The Chasm - The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow Album #12: Revocation - Netherheaven Album #13: Theotoxin - Fragment Totenruhe Album #14: Wrang - De vaendrig Album #15: Misthyrming - Med Hamri Album #16: Wiegedood - There's Always Blood at the End of the Road Album #17: Veilburner - VLBRNR Album #18: Altars Ablaze - Life Desecration Album #19: Verberis - Adumbration of the Veiled Logos Album #20: Faceless Burial - At the Foothills of Deliration HM: Werewolves, Hath, Thundering Hooves, Inanna, Altars, Golgothan Remains, Decapitated, Concilivm, Cryptic Hatred, Ripped to Shreds
  8. Here some well done death metal releaes: Rotten Tomb - Visions of a Dismal Fate Werewolves - From the Cave to the Grave Reeking Aura - Blood and Bonemeal
  9. Hi Airaux, I am thinking of: Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation Essence of Datum - Spellcrying Machine Dark Matter Secret - Perfect World Creation
  10. Never thought tea would do this. Funny enough I am ok with red wine on the contrary.
  11. I drink way too much coffee since long time - inherited from the time I have been working nightshift I guess. I still can't start up the day without 2x cups cups of coffee made from frseshly grinded beans. I have tried drinking a lot more tea during a period last year but apparently I can't handle tea, I was awake during some nights with some serious stomach pains. Since then I quit tea again and I never had i anymore. So got to stick to coffee drinking all day.
  12. Prepping for AOTY list struggle; Corpsegrinder - Corpsegrinder
  13. Looking forward seeing the lists from the population in here!
  14. Furia - Martwa Polska Jesień
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