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  1. Tribal Gaze - The Nine Choirs
  2. I had never heard of the band before and when the new one came and with the hyped messages all over the place I got on with it and tried them out. So glad I did. I like all they released. ********************************************************************************************* Seeing Fides Inversa coming week when they support Akhlys and Chaos Invocation. 3 bands that I started to appreciate a lot so looking forward to that show!
  3. Am very busy with work recently and usually I try to listen Bandcamp releases in the meantime to help focusing when I can. This release is on quite a few times now and really appreciate it. Even the I guess you'd call it atmospheric parts on it. Mystras - Empires Vanquished And Dismantled
  4. Imagine if you have kids who still want to watch Peppa Pig on Youtube on my account.....
  5. Hey guys - have been a while. Listening Allegaeon - Damnum again and I am amazed with the album. I really like it so much more than I should. All the dramatic clean singing and clean melodic musical parts should have me running right away but somehow they counterbalance amazingly well with the real harsh and fast death metal.
  6. Nice, TOR is not very known but is consistently bringing great releases to us. The one you mentioned is a good example.
  7. New DeathFuckingCunt on June 10th, liked their previous one quite a bit. Baest has new EP coming on May 27th, I like their death metal. New Tómarúm on May 4th.
  8. Wormrot - Behind Closed Doors Ooff - that hits hard
  9. Meslamtaea - Weemoedsklanken
  10. Doedsvangr - Serpents ov Old
  11. My most recent acquisitions: Hath - All That Was Promised Kvaen - The Great Below IATT - Nomenclature IATT - Magnum Opus Suffering Sights - When Sanity Becomes Insanity Brute - Essence of Tyranny Helleruin / De Gevreesde Ziekte - Invincible Ceremonial Castings - Salem 1692 (MMXX) Corpsegrinder - Corpsegrinder Rotten Casket - First Nail in the Casket Cryptworm - Spewing Mephitic Putridity Darvaza - Ascending Into Perdition Malefic Throne - Malefic Throne Vukari - Omnes Nihil Caedes Cruenta - Of Ritual Necrophagia and Mysterious Ghoul Cults Dakhma - Blessings of Amurdad Grifteskymfning - Malignant Morningstar
  12. Super disappointed what BI did - there are plenty people that may buy the album blindly because of the past releases of this band. Obviously you could argue if that's smart but I guess we all did it. But then be exposed to this ambient shit is almost a scam. If you want to step out of what your band normally stands for then start another band! And then these crap metal zines that review the album (It's nothing to do with metal!) and still give high scores. Unbelievable.
  13. Thy Darkened Shade - Liber Lvcifer I Khem Sedjet
  14. Welcome! I really like Sorcery! I have been to the show in Hamburg Bambi Galore with Slaughter Messiah and Deathronation in 2016. I thought was a nice performance in a nice little venue! Spoke with Ola afterwards quite a bit.
  15. Agree!! Now I am huge fan of Immolation already but what I heard I can't remember being so excited for a release to come as this one. I hope new Misery Index will do the same to me! I am also very much excited for latest Hath. Hath - All That Was Promised
  16. Thought this was a quite good black metal release and still listening regularly. Schavot - Galgenbrok
  17. Thanks for your extensive list @Hungarino! I see I have huge amount of catching up to do seeing the EP/ Demo post. For the full lengths I recognize quite a bit but as well quite some unknowns to me.
  18. Nice set of death releases @GoatmasterGeneral- agree there have been lots of great death releases. There are actually only a few of your list that I dont own. I will check them out. Then there are still releaes that I enjoyed like Benothing, Cadaveric Fumes, Veilburner, Monument of Misanthropy, Qrixkuor ah and name it. Just too little time to listen all. Newest Sijjin is receiving a ton of praise around too, stil waiting to arrive the cd after listening 1 song. You commented that just a few may be interested in your black metal list, as you may remember I have joined the black metal bandwagon relatively late and just wanted to tell you that I have picked up more than several albums and bands from your recommendations in the past. Even though you may not see a lot reflected in my list. So please continue to do and make me wise in the land of dark and icy forests! It's appreciated.
  19. Cool to see the lists coming. Here's one I prepared and I know I am missing quite a few releases that I believe should be on it. Worm, Mortiferum, Funeral Mist, Obscura, Phrenelith, Imperialist, Abscession to name a few are potential list material but haven't found the time to listen. My new job that I took back in June is awesome but tremendously busy. Making super much hours in the week so I cant spend to much time online/ listening music. Taking the time to elaborate on my picks I haven't found either. So for people interested below here's my list unfiltered and not ranked. I see it does lean towards the technical death metal side though. And maybe Archspire should be higher. Top 20 best of 2021: Ophidian I - Desolate Malformity - Monumental Ruin Diskord - Degenerations Stortregn - Impermanence Eximperitus - Šahrartu Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning Crypts of Despair - All Light Swallowed Acausal Intrusion - Nulitas Unflesh - Inhumation Blindfolded and Led to the Woods - Nightmare Withdrawals Leiþa - Sisyphus Cognizance - Upheaval Ænigmatum - Deconsecrate Craven Idol - Forked Tongues Diabolizer - Khalkedonian Death Schavot - Galgenbrok Kanonenfieber - Menschenmühle 1914 - Where Fear and Weapons Meet First Fragment - Gloire éternelle Wesenwille - II A Material God EP: Obvurt - The Beginning Unfathomable Ruination - Decennium Ruinae Nordjevel - Fenriir Exhumed - Worming Witch Vomit - Abhorrent Rapture Honourable mention: Mefitis - Offscourings Kjeld - Ôfstân Gosudar - Morbid Despotic Ritual Intonate - Severed Within Alustrium - A Monument to Silence Archspire - Bleed the Future Inferi - Vile Genesis Infidel Reich - N.W.O. - New World Outrage Anakim - The Elysian Void Sunless - Ylem Svneatr - Chinook Ferriterium - Calvaire Atvm - Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless Replicant - Malignant Reality
  20. Concrete Winds - Noise Trepanation song from new album coming in November
  21. Not the biggest fan of split releases normally but this is very nice one. Ascended Dead/ Atomicide - Ascended Dead/ Atomicide (2021)
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