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    I am the guitarist for the female fronted metal band Dark30.
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    United States
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    Metal, Guitar, Classical, Violin, Studio One, Home Recording

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    Guitar Instrumentals, Progressive, Melodic, Classical, Studio One, Home Recording, Production

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  2. For me these are 10 albums close to my metal heart. Bullet For My Valentine - Venom Yngwie - Marching Out Crimson Glory - Transcendence Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory Jinjer - King of Everything Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power Megadeth - Rust in Peace Carcass - Heartwork Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden Dark30 - Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt (What can I say, I love my own music. Listen to it all the time.)
  3. Thanks True Requiem. Iced Earth is awesome. I love Ripper's voice. I had the honor of seeing them front row on The Glorious Burden tour and got to meet them. Very nice folks. One of my favorite concert ever. I was so into that album.
  4. Nice song. Very well produced. Love the harmonies. Great voice. Love the riff around 5:30. Well done.
  5. Nice song. Listened to the whole song. I like it. Well produced. Killer bass sound. Thumping bass drum. A little System, a little Dream Theater, a little Crimson Glory. What's not to like?
  6. Trying to make a living in music is like trying to sell nickels when quarters are free. The music business is no different than any other business. The music is a product. People have to know about the product, have a need for it, and have a desire to buy it. Every business that makes it has a good product and a team of sales people working everyday trying to move it and even then most fail. And with music being like air (free and everywhere), its very difficult to sell. Most bands that make money are not getting paid by fans but by advertisers on their YouTube channel and even then it takes a ton of work getting all those views. It is possible but rare. Write good songs. Promote, promote, promote.
  7. You may find something you like in the Promote Yourself section of this forum.
  8. I put my band's music on Spotify, Deezer, and lots others in hopes of reaching the largest audience and it pays me when people listen but when it comes to listening I mainly use YouTube because its free.
  9. My guitars: I have two Jackson Kelly's both with EMG81's and a BC Rich Rave. My amp: Marshall JCM900 Half Stack
  10. Whether you're a girl or a guy. If you love playing drums, play them and be the best drummer you can be. Practice, practice, practice. Practice builds muscle memory and then it becomes second nature. It takes time, dedication and work. Millions of people would love to be good at an instrument but aren't willing to put in the effort and the time it takes to get good. Since you love it, its not really work anyway. It's a journey. Your journey. Never let anyone discourage you and always do your best for yourself. Happy Drumming and best of luck.
  11. My recommendation is not free. It's about $100. It's Presonus Studio One Artist. It is recording software with lots of virtual instruments. One of the instruments is Impact which you can program drums with. If you're a musician then this is a good way to go. You can do so much with it. Its a multi track recorder. You can learning songs by looping parts and changing the tempos. Record song ideas and so much more. I believe they have a Prime version which is free or cheap to see if you like it. Not sure if it has the virtual instruments though. I use Studio One Artist which I record all my music with. It has tons of effects too like reverbs, compressors, EQ, amp simulators, etc.. YouTube Studio one Impact to see how it works. For that $100 you get the software and an audio box to plug your instruments in to for recording. Tons of professionals use it. Hope this helps.
  12. Dark30 is a female fronted heavy metal band. The vocals are melodic with occasional screams. High attention to melodic riffs, counter melodies, intricate drums and meaningful lyrics. Music is available of Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. If you like us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and stream us on Spotify.
  13. The Agonist - Thank you Pain and Panophobia
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