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    I am a drummer, I am a girl I am 13 and play in a band. I am a bit of a metal head. I have never read a book to the end and my hair is 3 feet long.
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    being a kid

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  1. I played a it last weekend and out of 3 bands, two of us had a female drummer! Progress!!
  2. Thanks GBGB, I am dead chuffed ( Yorkshire for very happy!) that you thought we were OK. When we play live, we do cover a lot of Metallica,Maiden,Slayer and such like, but our own stuff is quite punky. I like in more intricate drumming like the covers, punky drumming is less challenging to play, but fun! SBD
  3. Small but Deadly comes from my love of metal and rock , and drumming from a very young age.
  4. Hi, SBD here, we finally got it together to record a few tracks, and we have them on soundcloud. I am 14 (just) and the guys are 18 and 19. If you have time would you have a listen? Can't do and Break are my faves.What? ..nothing is very old, I was 11 when I recorded that one, ignore that one! thanks SBD https://soundcloud.com/organized-khos-1
  5. @ Josellica,I do too, I have about 3 friend who are girls, and the rest are boys, but I don't have a BF ( urgh!) plenty of time for that stuff later!!Girls can be too superficial, with a bloke, what you see is usually what you get, a bit like my dog! (in a cool way) no fake stuff. I like that and I like to think I am like that. The only girl I really like is my sister, she is girly, but she is different, she has lots of tattoos. Oh and my mum, she is awesome too!
  6. Thanks Ghouly! played a few shows since I posted this, at one where we had about 250 watching, we went down really well! we had lots of people coming up after to talk to us and one actually said to my Mum, hey did you know your drummer kid is a girl? ( he was pretty drunk! ) My Mum yust laughed and said, yes. It was funny. \m/ SBD
  7. Thanks for your encouraging words! I know I am not as strong as a bloke, but I am strong for my age and being a girl. A lot of drumming is down to technique too. I would like to know you would stick around to watch if me ( or any other girl) got up to play. I once overheard someone say,' she's JUST a little kid, how can she play? 'just as I was climbing up onto the stage. I will always remember that. Not that it bothered me, I do it because I love it and it is part of what makes me ,me. \m/ SBD
  8. Oh yes! any nerves disappear as soon as I hit the first note.With me it is playing with my band mates, and being all miked up! it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!
  9. Off that set list?? aww! probably motorbreath/highway star.... out of all I can play... I love loads, but it would have to be something like Hot for Teacher, or an iron maiden song or Metallica. It depends on the mood, here is our band at a pub gig doing hot for teacher, it wasn't my kit though. SBD
  10. Hi, thanks for the feed back! 45 mins is average here, for a support slot, when we play a full gig we do 3 x 45 mins. We have decided we might pull Iron Maiden and Breed if things pan out funny, (we are a bit board of them) We do play fast too, so it goes quickly, for me anyway! SBD
  11. Hi, SBD here, we have a 'gig' on friday, supporting an older band, with the chance we may get booked to do a full gig. Here is the set list. We have 45/50 mins to grab them and we hope to with these. We haven't gone to heavy, because it is a pub gig and we have to allow for the fact they are not all going to be metal heads.All the songs are similar speed, no slow ones. I am looking forward to it, wish me luck! Highway Star Motorbreath Can't do s**t ( original) Breed F***ing Hostile Little Sister My AT/Tezza ( original) Bomber Land of the free ( Original) White Limo Hardcore Hypocryte (origin
  12. thanks guys! and yes, sadly I am years off having a car! SBD
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