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  1. hi, what does it take to play in a band and earn money like doing it for a living and is it quite a hard process? i think it's down to your contacts and how well your known like through youtube or facebook and have a few fans who follow and recommend your work as a band. it's strange i mean you could have talent and skills or play multiple instruments and be good at composing but never make any money, there's lots of people like that on youtube and you think imagine if they were on stage live lol it would be amazing yeah. lots of people i know can play guitar and play well and occasionally play at pubs here and there but that's about how far it goes.
  2. you know that singer dead, do you think he was better on the vocals? there's one track called freezing moon, i listened to the old version then the live version with the recent singer, i think dead sounded better yeah. i've not listened to much black metal but im quite liking the band murdak lately, songs like panzer division, blonde beast and throne of rats, ive added it to my playlist. it takes a while to get used to this style of music, im used to death metal, myself songs by behemoth, amon amarth that kind of style.
  3. hey im quite new to black metal, it takes a while to get used to it but i respect the musicianship there. the creativity for creating the atmospheric music. when i watch video's on live performances i like the skill that goes into it. i was watching a video of a small shop that got loads of metal things for sale, is it true that mayhem band members ran that shop year's ago?
  4. you know when you say brutal death metal, how would you describe the sound, would it be abit like behemoth demigod sort of style. there's so much for me to check out lol on youtube im getting so many related videos coming up and everytime i think i have a favourite band something new pops up it's like before i even heard of behemoth i was into amon amarth.
  5. bartz


    ever listened to some of the songs and wondered what the lyrics ment? there's one about a freezing moon and its like a metaphor i think like suggesting out of body experience following the cold moon? it's like with murdak i often wonder about the song meanings, throne of rats sword of disease i think it's like taking the mickey out of the christians. im sure they are trying to confuse you lol
  6. bartz


    thanks for that ill check that panzer division out on youtube in abit. it's strange i normally dont like black metal due to the images and their views but yet i kind of have abit of respect for the music work and the feeling that they are trying to create.
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    drum question

    thanks for that ill look that up cheers 👍
  8. bartz

    drum question

    hi, i just mentioned it in the murdak post, but it's where you can hear what sounds like a fast knocking on your door or rattling with cymbal crashes then it slows down to hard heavy beats and picks up again. what is that effect called? it's really good i keep thinking if you was a music composer you could use that in horror movies or games to give that being chased feeling or impending doom. thanks.
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    hi new

    hi new at here, the idea is to try find some suggestions to add to my playlist while im on the stationary exercise bike or out long distance running. i really like amon amarth for this, it gets me in the mood lol
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    hi, ive only heard 2 songs from this band so far, it randomly came up as a suggestion on youtube. throne of rats and sodomized. i think the vocalist on throne of rats is very good, im really new to black metal and there's so much to check out yet from this style. what i like at times is where the drum work sounds like a fast knocking on your door lol with cymbal crashes, it's like something out of a horror film where your running from something lol it's a very good effect yeah.