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    I am 43 years old, I love cats, my favorite color is blue, I love soap operas and Italian food and chocolate...My favorite bands are The Doors and Cradle of Filth..I also love shopping, reading and sleeping 8-]]
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    Planet Jupiter

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  1. ParisVixen


    I always wanted to go to Paris, France + I will never get the chance to go because of lack of funds and no passport..I always wanted to go and see where Jim Morrison is buried and see the Eiffel tower...is a bummer!! =-((
  2. ParisVixen

    Denim or leather (vest wise, patches)

    I prefer leather to denim!! Leather just looks more bad ass to me than denim..but, I do love a good pair of Levi's jeans!! Levi's jeans and a leather jacket looks good together!!
  3. ParisVixen

    Metal books

    I love the book, "The Gospel of Filth" + Marilyn Manson's, "the long road out of hell"--both were excellent reads!!
  4. ParisVixen

    What Are You Listening To?

    I have the band, "Serenity" currently in my stereo--I got their "Lionheart" album, is very good in my opinion..8-]]
  5. ParisVixen

    The Movie Thread

    MM, will have to check out the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned then--and I want to see Bohemian Rhapsody like really bad--Am waiting for Amazon to get it in, I ordered it on pre-order!!! 8-]]
  6. ParisVixen

    Early Cradle of Filth, similar artists?

    I am a huge cradle fan myself--I love "Thornography" + "Nymphetamine" the best..I want to know if cradle will ever put out a new album--their latest came out in 2017...Dani Filth also has a band called "Devilment" and I am also very curious when they will put out another album as well!!
  7. ParisVixen

    What Are You Listening To?

    been playing some "Breaking Benjamin" today--I love this band a lot..
  8. ParisVixen

    The Movie Thread

    I have seen "Interview With The Vampire" and I loved that movie as well..I also loved Bram Stoker's "Dracula" with Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves!! Both excellent movies..
  9. ParisVixen

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    Thanks for explaining that to me..
  10. ParisVixen

    Hi you all!! 8-]]

    Thanks!! 8-]]
  11. ParisVixen

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    I believe there may be ghosts--I have never seen one, but, sometimes I do feel like something is in the room with me at times, like I feel a presence..is weird!!!
  12. ParisVixen

    The Movie Thread

    I really loved the movie, "The Queen of the Damned"--Any vampire fans here?? I love scary movies, is my favorite type movie genre..
  13. ParisVixen

    Why do people listen to Extreme Metal ?

    I think any form of music is used for relaxation, so, why not listen to metal?? It always relaxes me...
  14. ParisVixen

    Hi you all!! 8-]]

    Thanks!! I should love it here then, sounds like my cup of tea, this community!!! I hate Facebook, BTW~~I don't go there...but, thanks again for the comment..8-]]
  15. ParisVixen

    Any horror lovers here?

    I always have loved horror related things!! I love Stephen King books and movies as well as stuff like vampires and skulls...I also love Freddy Kruger and Tales From The Crypt..Anything creepy, I like..