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  1. Hey, Which bass is most suited for metal in general? And what about subgenres like death and black metal?
  2. Hey, I like metal and wouldn't mind getting a metal style guitar. But I'm not too keen on the idea of a guitar that requires a battery. But I could be wrong. A few questions, is it impossible to play the guitar at all without a battery? How long does the average battery last? Ever get any electronic issues? I know they're supposed to be for rhythm metal guitar but how good are they for clean tones?
  3. Levin/Martin Classical guitar (Made in Japan I think), Yamaha Synth found in the recycling room of where I used to live. Squier Jazz Bass with a cheap cort bass amp. Landola nylon string.
  4. The great southern trendkill (Every song except Suicide note part 1 and the ending solo for Floods sucks) Slipknot by Slipknot (Just a bunch of emo screamo shit)Kill em all (James sounds like a woman getting strangled) There's all hell believe me I've seen it, there's a heaven let's keep it a secret (that's the title) by Bring me the Horizon All napalm death albums (They fake the grindcore screams, Anal Cunt and Seth Putnam know how to scream)
  5. Radiohead (Thom Yorke sounds like a woman) Skrillex (Not a band but still) Bon Iver (The vocals are annoying as shit)Bob Dylan (Sounds like a bald crow slowly dying) The Police
  6. The funny thing is gretsch recently introduced a center block series (like a es-335). Seems like they desperatly trying to gain foothold in high gain territory. When I think about it I know Macolm Young plays/played a les paul style gretsch. But then again AC/DC is not really true metal.
  7. Hey, Does anybody know of any metal/hard rock bands that use or have used any gretsch models?
  8. As a Swede I think Norway's superior but then again Norway's usually superior in most departments.
  9. I can't say I'm particulary impressed. Ugly BC Rich-style guitar bodies and I can guarantee you that any guitar with good quality made by an individual luthier will be far from "Afforable". And besides he doesn't provide any type of guitar outside of the metal world.
  10. Hey, Yes I know I said earlier that I don't like 8 strings but I've gotten curious. This dude on youtube did an awesome song with the 8 string, both clean and distorted. That bass is huge. I'm used to playing 6 string so will it be difficult to get used to the new shape?
  11. Hey, Whenever you see election results in the United States the trend seems to be more urban, democrat and more rural, republican. Why is that? Like states like Alaska, Montana, West Virginia etc. tend to be red as love but DC, NYC, California etc. tends to be democrat. What's does this say about the average mindset of the rural american?
  12. Well the thing is Sweden takes in more refugees than neighbouring countries like Norway, Finland and Denmark. And to note the number refugees have increased a lot the last years. In 2011 we had riots by second generation immigrants in the Husby suburb in Stockholm. Cars were burning, schools were burning, the whole suburbs were burning, Sweden was burning. It all started after the police shot a portugese man after he threatened to kill his wife. And for some reason the unemployed second generation immigrants used that as some sort of excuse for wrecking havoc. The Sweden Democrats make the poi
  13. Yo, Which type do you prefer? I prefer the nylon string, it's easier on the fingers and much cheaper (you can usally find ones below 1000 crowns). Steel strings are louder and all but I haven't got into the habit of them yet.
  14. Hey, What's your opinion? Personally I love anal cunt. Seth Putnams screamings is fucking awesome.
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