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  1. I bet!! your welcome for the wishes..8-]]
  2. Yup, it is so good together!!! Mexican food sounds good--the rancheros sounds pretty good!!!
  3. Thanks--Good Grief, 300 mg is a ton of caffeine, I would be flying if I had that much caffeine!! I hope that you have much success when you do finally decide to quit!! 8-]]]
  4. I agree--My favorite cradle album will always be "Thornography"--I can play it all day long and never get tired of it!! 8-]]
  5. This thread is heaven to me since COF is my favorite band!! I have enjoyed just sitting back and reading everyone's comments on the band and their music and albums and such---this is the funnest thread to me!!
  6. Well, I hope, ATM that 2019 will be better than 2018 was--2018 stunk!! In my neck of the woods, we had serious weather mishaps and I was in the hospital in July 2018 for 4 days...just sucked!! Everything that could go wrong last year went wrong!! So, hail 2019!! May this be a better year!! =-//
  7. I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2019!! I didn't know where else to make this post, so, I came to my introduction thread!! Hope its okay!! Cheers, Paris Vixen 8-]]]
  8. I liked wrestling when I was a kid--back when Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger were popular...I lost track of wrestling over the years, I rarely watch now of days because I am unfamiliar with all of the new wrestlers...I thought Chyna was the coolest female wrestler..
  9. been playing some Emilie Autumn on youtube--interesting music!!
  10. I love the freezing cold as well!! 8-]]
  11. I thought of yet another non metal favorite of mine--Tupac..was the world's greatest rapper in my opinion...
  12. I attended a very small metal concert once, Creed played there but I missed it because I left early....was a drag!! =-((
  13. The last metal purchase I made was Hate Eternal's newest album--love it!!
  14. There is a new movie coming out I really want to see, is called "The Exorcism of Hannah Grace" I believe---the adverts. for the movie looked interesting, has anyone seen this movie or know what I am talking about?? It looked so creepy from what I could gather...
  15. Nasty weather today in my neck of the woods--been raining most of the day!! Also had to go to the doctor today, has not been the best of days!! Is nice to come here for a few minutes though 8-]]
  16. Will be playing Cradle of Filth's "Thornography" directly...My favorite cradle album....
  17. Are you really a law student?? If so, what kind of lawyer will you be?? Am curious because it was always a dream of mine to be a lawyer, I wanted to be a divorce lawyer myself..Your awesome!! 

    1. RelentlessOblivion


      I was but have dropped out. I need to update my profile.

    2. ParisVixen


      Oh---That's too bad!! =(( 

  18. I am curious to know what kind of non-metal music that you guys love!! I love Prince, Bjork, Bruno Mars + Elle King for starters...
  19. DO you like MoonSpell?? They are from Portugal as well + are so damn good!! They will be playing in my stereo by the end of the night now..Hee Hee..
  20. Er, I can recommend what I think is the best Doors album, is called "Waiting for the Sun"--is awesome!! No, I have not heard about Syd Barrett--I like a couple of Pink Floyd's songs, though--"Another Brick In The Wall" + "Money" are good songs!! There is another one of their songs I love, but, can't think of the name of it..The video had an Indian dude in it though and he was in the mountains..I believe it was called, "Learning To Fly"?? Anyhow...
  21. Cool!! I will definitely check out the album, "Follow Me"--Thanks for the tip, True Belief!! 8-]]
  22. I believe Ozzy said this particular quote once: "Out of all the things I miss, its my mind I miss the most"!!
  23. I quit caffeine after I got out of the hospital this past summer and it was not fun for the first couple weeks...but, I stuck to it and I have far less jitters now that I quit..occasionally I might cheat and drink a coke or a cup of coffee,but, I do not do this often cause it was very hard to come off of it!! =-O