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    Hello - thanks for your interest...and allowing me to join everyone else in here too! I'm rapidly approaching 50yr old in few years and am embarrassed to admit that even though I've been a huge audiophile my entire life in both listening and collecting all sorts of different types of music it wasn't until past hand full of years I finally heard Metal the way it was intended to be heard and ever since have been hooked! I'm a professional guy that has worked extremely hard my entire life and have missed out on a lot of the finer things in life. If work didn't hold me down it was then from a great deal of personal trajedies I had to plow through and somehow I'm still here so there must be a reason as I'm also not know to be a "lucky" individual. I'm excited to be here and look forward to gaining more insight into some new groups I'm hoping to stumble upon in here as I've found METAL is the most misunderstood genre of music and is NEVER given the chance it deserves.. most of the best groups remain underground and playing under the radar to avoid the negative press or like most artist's I've met simply don't see themselves as artists and don't like to be put under the spotlight. All I know is what I've been through recently it's only because of METAL that I remained strong inside and latched on for the long ride I often questioned if were gong to crash and burn or land somewhere safe into greener pastures. I'm full of gratefulness that the later happened and I'm now living closer to family again near Richmond, VA! I owe my life to this genre of music and have found the most honest and true people I've come across within live have been fellow "metal heads"... REAL PEOPLE and no B.S. to see past.. what you see is what you get - the way it SHOULD BE!! Life's too short to "act" or misrepresent those people choosing that path are just only lying to themselves... NOT a recipe for eternal happiness with one's self! So its pretty ironic most of you "devil worshiping mischief's" or so I've always been made to believe has only been another misconception in that those that wear all black or listen to "devil music", as most media members like to say, must all be bad....hAHA SO WRONG!!!!!! I've YET to meet a true Metal-Head that doesn't have the biggest heart under it all!!! I mean heck, let's step back for a second and ask these media folks if we're so bad then why did TOOL recently bury their fake "TOP 40" bubble gum pawn they put at the top. I think it's safe to say OUR time is coming as it's very clear from the dedication and support that was given to TOOL by their lifelong fans ON THEIR OWN without being made to believe that was the POPULAR thing to do! More proof, that people these days aren't buying into the media's molded pawns any more and are more using their own brains to determine what THEY THEMSELVES like and not accepting being told what they SHOULD like!! The time for a "HIGHER" consciousness is NOW and I'm even more excited to be a part in it too! Anyway, I just love Metal of all kinds and just can't get enough! I look forward to seeing where my time in here will steer me... hope we cross paths! This is pretty much all that's left in my life right now that's good and like I said before... I'm not letting go! BRING IT!!! :)
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    Greater Richmond, VA (USA) area relocated recently from West Palm Beach, FL
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    Music, music & music.. oh yea how could I forget, did I already mention music? ROCK IT HARD!!! ;)

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  1. LOL!!! sorry to chime in... couldn't resist... BOTH of you enjoy yourselves and hope you feel better & enjoy the rest of your games.... I'm just coming in from slaving all day in yard clearing out the debris in the woods... soon as the leaves drop here everything will be exposed so getting it cleaned up... almost stepped in a fox den hole too... I've been hanging out in the woods next to house all summer and have become a non-threat to this American Red Fox... now it makes sense as to the places I've seen it knowing now where it lives... Anyway, sorry again to but in... I've had this meme for years and soon as I read your 2 posts above couldn't resist... all in good humor! Good luck guys and thanks for all the posts... I always enjoy reading your stuff around MF!
  2. ...sorry for the delay in replying... yard work before Fall weather hits then winter soon after. Anyway, just came in for a break and all seems to be working well again... I tried editing both my signature and 1 post, both being successful! Thanks for looking into this and to whomever fixed the issue too! You guys are great... P.S. @Requiem... re: reply above... ROFL!!!!
  3. ??? YYYAAAASSSS!!!! ^ I 2nd that! ^ Oh, and welcome by the way @Deadbydawn!!! LOL... nice bunch of groups/bands you are into! Since you mentioned Cannibal Corpse do you get into anything from Six Feet Under also (same singer from the early Cannibal Corpse [=/<1995], which I'm sure you might know)?... anyway, glad you joined in!
  4. ...thank goodness I'm not the only one... I tried to send you a p.m. to avoid posting what I thought was MY issue, as I'm not able to edit anything... recently I discovered that I've been uploading a lot of images seeing how a good number of other posts have broken links in them but never realized our accounts have a size limit to what can be uploaded... and of course mine is maxed out...LOL So I wanted to go edit some of my posts to remove the uploaded content and replace with web-links and cannot successfully pull this off... it's like the "post" button is gone just have option to "edit"...even WHEN in edit mode... I also tried to update/change my signature and that had a button to accept the edit but kicked back the same signature I had before editing it... anyway.. that's all I've tried and was looking for a place to post this issue and thankfully found you guys here... (not thankful you're also having issues...you know what i mean LOL). Appreciate all you guys being here and all the help you offer when a dude like me gets lost in the depths of this site!
  5. Love the herb! Here's some of my fav strains: SATIVA: Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Durban Poison INDICA: Northern Lights , Blue Dream, Blueberry Kush, True OG, Abusive OG HYBRID: Girl Scout Cookies,, Gorilla Glue #4 (now called "Original Glue"), Tahoe OG Kush, White Widow, I find the intensity that Live resins deliver to be rather fitting for me, hash has ALWAYS been a favorite too but become too hard to find - however what I absolutely get off on is when I make some Green Dragon (Tincture). That's like taking the strongest pain pill without side effects! I gotta say that most hippie smokers are what cannabis law reforms biggest enemies are. The plant has so many more beneficial uses for humanity than just smoking it.. I've been to NORML rallies, etc. and there are professionals/government officials there to learn more about the global impacts that plant could bring to both environment and medicinal purposes but it's always some idiot fucking hippie that can't wait to spark up till afterward that turn people off that are there to learn. I've walked out many time because of this... I guess things are changing in it's favor after all but I never thought that be possible. My little girl (jack russell/boston terrier mix) fell sick with something no vet could accurately diagnose or treat... she'd get these massive seizures and to this day I can hear her screams... .oh boy here come the tears... sorry...anyway, there'd be nothing I could do for her except watch and hope she'd come back to each time... after each episode she'd be like a zombie for a couple of days... it was heartbreaking. So I researched it myself since spending over $2k on 2 different "vets" with all these lab tests didn't do anything (literally nothing!!!) I decided to give her some CBD supplements... (CBD is the component that DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH THC is that component and while not lethal for humans, can kill an animal!!!) in 3 days time she was her normal puppy like self again!!! WTF the transformation was unreal... I put a separate food dish in a different room than her food bowl and only gave her those CBD supplements there... sure enough after a couple months of taking the treats she'd go stand by the CBD treat bowl when she wasn't' feeling well!!! I'm not making any of this up... I knew when she wasn't feeling well I could see her sway and she'd drop her head to the floor leaving her rear up in the air... a good dog sign she was dizzy... so naturally being a "druggy" no one believed me until the local store that had them would temporarily run out of stock.. a couple days without supplements here comes back the seizures and throwing up food, etc.! Every time she'd start back on the treats she would rebound and everyone in my life then finally saw and couldn't argue that they were working miracles for her. While these supplements didn't cure whatever illness she had they surely gave her a quality of life like nothing else any "professional" could offer her... and believe me they were a lot cheaper too! The CBD supplements gave her another 1 1/2 years with me that I'd give anything now to relive. Unfortunately, she passed away in my arms last summer and not a day goes by where I'm grieving for her... after ditching my ex-wife/getting divorced and having to sell my house she was all I had left. She was a rescue and our bond was strong... amazing friend that will always be close to my heart. I miss you so much Olive! Every time I see those poor children and their families that also have "untreatable" seizures and how they suffer so I just don't understand how any person/government could limit or control what THEY decide to put in their bodies that WORKS!!! I know this isn't for everyone nor does it work the same for different people but for those that it does work let them live with what little comfort they can have... my heart goes to anyone suffering that is not able to receive this kind of treatment. Love to all! P.S. - Here's an interesting CBD/THC medicinal wheel if you haven't seen one before:
  6. Hey @H34VYM3T4LD4V3!!! The first band I think of that's as close (music style and meaningful lyrics) to being like Dream Theater is Symphony X... over at this other site I spend a great deal of time at a lot of people love them.... you might already know or have heard... if not here's a link to one of their better albums "Lost Paradise"... if you don't have time to listen to entire album (embedded video below should be a playlist for entire album) I hyperlinked the album name to the title track and one of their more commonly known tracks for ya! another "similar" could be Porcupine Tree here's a list of some full albums on YouTube for ya (here) bottom right of page you'll see the full albums. If you're not familiar with these guys I'd say start with either "In Absentia" or "Deadwing"... I used to listen to these long ago as my music flavors are always changing now I'm more into heavier stuff... but do enjoy revisiting these for a "reprieve" of sorts...LOL Anyway, I just thought these were as close to DT that I didn't see anyone mention yet... although I gotta say some of the other recommendations I've taken to myself so either way we all win here! Thanks everyone and to you H34VYM3T4LD4V3 for keeping this place as fun and interesting to visit... Hope you enjoy and don't end up working TOO much...as long as you can listen to music while at work then you've got the perfect gig mate!
  7. HAHA!! NOW this thread is off and running!!! Love the pick @H34VYM3T4LD4V3 above w/ Ozzy... to me, it appears as though Oz is using Lemmy as a leaning post... dude looks like he's about to pass out but not Lemmy!!! Love it! ??? Thanks for sharing these too! Hope we've inspired others to dig out their collection to also post more here....
  8. OK gents... for the life of me I can't even begin to tell you where I found this picture but naturally it's fitting to post here... I hope it's ok with you guys... the picture i have is 500x500 pixels and 29.2kb large.. and naturally this forum doesn't allow posting much anything "original size"so sorry I had only known to link it from my silly Instagram, which I'm not fond of... (I'm thinking it's square size matches a CD cover size more/less but again have no idea from where!!! Until then, if however you try to save this pic and this post diminishes or reduces quality for YOU P.M. me with your email addy and I'd be happy to send MY original digital version to you. They BOTH look pretty young, right? Late 70's maybe early 80's? Thoughts/guesses? Enjoy!
  9. Hey brother... I've been meaning to come back to reply to your post now seems like forever... Having recently just moved all my DVD's/albums are still in storage so by you mentioning that DVD I've been really jonzing to breaking into my boxes to find my copy to watch again... usually YouTube has vids of most anything at one point or another.. but I couldn't find it... so I've been watching some of Randy's other stuff with Quiet Riot (Q.R.)... ever heard/seen him with that band prior to Ozzy? While Q.R. isn't something I'd reach for as a first pick nowadays, back in the mid-late 70's they were a big name in "heavy" metal! LOL oh the stages Metal has seen.. Anyway, I gotta say there's some decent live riffs and jams that Randy had on stage with Q.R. too... hell anywhere and with whomever he was playing with he was smokin' One thing I did just learn and wanted to share with you too, is that included with the 30th Anniversary Remastered Release of "Blizzard of Ozz" there has always been a rare unheard solo guitar riff Randy recorded in the studio during recording sessions for that Album. Of course having always had that original album and never repurchasing the Anniv. Remaster Release I never knew that until recently when I actually wasted time sitting around for the "unveiling" of "See You On The Other Side".... the entire Ozzy solo career reissued on vinyl in a box set... it was so hyped up and I was at my computer waiting for the live unveiling... thinking maybe Ozzy would be coming on... but NOPE it was some narrator describing the albums in the "box set" and in a couple minutes was over.. Have you heard that outtake solo track yet? It's not even a couple minutes long... but none the less shreds... After I heard it I couldn't put a finger on it as I thought it sounded familiar and it wasn't till recently I did come across a Randy jam while playing with Q.R. that also had some of his riffs in the live jam as the obscure and unknown studio outtake recording! Guess maybe that's why I never replied right away to you here...who knows really just now makes more sense knowing something more concrete to come back and share another post with you. Here's links to both... see what you think if you haven't already known about this. Thanks for reading! The 3rd link is to one of the best live concerts I've come across of Ozzy and Randy even though it's an audience recording from '81 it doesn't take long for the music to take you away and the little audience noise that's in there doesn't bother me at all. Hope you enjoy some part of this if you haven't already known everything I've detailed here! Was great sharing conversation/chat with you! Rock on my man!! ??? This is the outtake solo included with the Remastered "Blizzard of Ozz" 30th Anniversary Edition. (here) This is the jam I mentioned Randy shredding it while as a member in Quiet Riot (I think from '79?). See if you can hear any similarities..it's pretty obvious when I listened... (here) This link is just for pure pleasure! I've listened to this more times that I know...gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! LOL (here) Enjoy, be happy and healthy and share something special with someone close to you! par9noid
  10. WOW!!! NICE "Topic" / Band bro!! You know it these guys keep the classic/primitive sound... always a great listen for me as well and honestly until you've just reminded me I actually forgot about them for some time now! So much amazing music out there... Thank you!!! You ever get into any Cracked Machine? (Oh, oh, YEA!!!) or any Wo Fat either? (Both have the sick deep guitar riffs going on like in Witchcraft's work) While they are both typically a little harder/faster (maybe more psych/doom all those sub genres I get lost with honestly but am learning a lot more about them all in here. LOL) and they "take me places" while keeping the same classic/primitive feel much like Witchcraft does for me... I've been up a few days now so I'm a bit clouded in thought - I think I made a separate post on Wo Fat if you wanna check 'em out too... regardless you've got a "HORNS UP" from me here! The older I get the more I go for groups/albums that have that "classic" touch to them, at least with Stoner/Psych/Doom (in any combination thereof) Metal. I'm working on a side project relating to some of this.. if you'd like I can send you a private message when I'm done maybe we can trade more band recommendations within this genre...(?)
  11. hope these weren't posted previously - there's a lot of links that are broken... IMO these worth seeing again anyway. Enjoy!
  12. hey man... came across this interesting article outside of this forum about some "jazz metal" artists and these guys came up... thought you'd might like to check them out also... Enjoy!
  13. Welcome @juggernaut3366! You've certainly come to the right place there's lots of Metal to go around and around indefinitely in here... as you can see the challenge at first is figuring out where to "go" to and say the "right" things... I'm pretty new myself and still learning... I too had some Mod's assist me in "staying in the lines". Don't let it discourage you on your first post!! (assuming your intro is your first). Mostly everyone in here you'll find is very helpful and trust me I've thrown some drama out there and no one judging me either... pretty damn awesome really!!! You'll soon see why they are strict and have so many rules... these threads can go waaaaayy deep!! Give it some time and you'll see! Look forward sharing some Metal stories with you!
  14. MY NEW FAVORITE!!! anytime you mention Tool count on a "horns up" from me bro! ? (your next post could be "Tool", "Tool", "Tool", etc., etc. and you'd be sure to get first place on "Most Metal Members" or whatever it's called... haha!!!)
  15. Thrash on my man! The more you write the more I can see we have a lot in common, especially about the chemicals... I too am not completely "sober" (I think I'd be institutionalized if I were BUT I JUST WANT A PEPSI!!! - LOL!!!) but that doesn't matter because to me, herb is a herb a natural growing plant that isn't just an ingredient of any man made soul crushing chemical compound(s) designed to get you hooked and bring your world down around you... an occasional drink too is sometimes enjoyable... no harm in anything that you can stay on top of and for everyone it's different so anyone reading please don't see any of this as an advertisement or endorsement YOU need to figure out your own formula for a happy & as balanced existence and no one else! While my chemical demons were different (opioids) the twisted thinking I developed into only feeding by body those chemicals, mainly to keep from getting sick so that I could "function" at work and at home, is hardest to change... Especially for me as no one in my life either professionally or personally ever had any idea so that might illustrate how much I've fooled even myself into thinking I had the upper hand. And oh boy the stories/experiences I've had along the way... I could make a movie out of them! LOL Part of your story I had no experience with while growing up is the gangs I know where you were at around L.A. that must have been unavoidable so I couldn't imagine how much more difficult all that played into you getting out and into a new path! I have to say tho that everyone so far in here has only welcomed both of us with non-judging arms open and when you've gone through a life long struggle of ONLY having others look down on you it's very touching and gives me a lot of hope there are still awesome people out there that see you for who you ARE and not interested in seeing you for what you WERE! For me this applies: "Who you ARE, who you WERE and you will BE are 3 different people." I'd like to keep in touch with you so maybe instead of having to keep quoting each other we can try the private message thing? I'm sure some might not enjoy reading as much as we've shared (sorry folks ?). Personally haven't tried the private message feature yet so not sure if that's the way to do this or not.. if you know any better way hit me up! Maybe I'll try send you msg now... Until then, keep on being on top of your game and THRASH ON!!!
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