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    Exactly. I think it added more to the album than it ever could have taken away (the lightness). I've listened to it three times consecutively since I got it and holy shit I am hooked. My favorite remains to be Antithesis of Light but only because it was the first Evoken record I ever owned. Atra Mors was really good too. I don't know man, I have yet to hear anything boring from them.
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    Can we talk about how killer the new album is? I just got it a few days ago and it was well worth the wait. I found it to be much more expressive than previous works. Although Ban is right, they don't really have a bad album.
  3. Just converted that into USD just for shits and giggles and it came out to $1.27. Not bad. This was my main complaint but if it still functions to where I can choose the song I wish to listen to on PC I may return to it.
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    Vote for VENOM!

    Venom is one of those bands that shaped my enjoyment of heavy music in general. That being said I am thoroughly disappointed in a good portion of their more recent work. Storm the Gates was overall bland, tasteless and devastatingly boring. Such a shame.
  5. Do you go for the premium or the free version?
  6. Salmon and Mac and cheese huh? That sounds like a decent combination I'm gonna have to give that a try. True to form I am indulging in some late night Mexican food when my wife gets home. Debating between fajitas or shrimp rancheros.
  7. I'm gonna give it another attempt when I get home from work this evening. I will report back whether or not it clicks. I think that's the problem I'm having too. It seems to drag a little bit. It's not that it's musically bad it just isn't striking the way piece of mind is for example. If that makes sense.
  8. I do fly lol. I work in a call center as a telephone banker and trust me it's needed. There is a reason they supply is with it. Thank you very much for the well wishes.
  9. I want to like Book of Souls so bad, and it seems like I should because it has a lot of great moments, but it just doesn't grab me.
  10. Hopefully not just the newish one they put out without Blackmore that sounds like what I wrongly anticipated Priest's Reaper of Souls to sound like lol.
  11. To be clear, I have nothing but respect for both as singers. Both Maiden and Priest hold very special places in my heart as a metalhead. That being said, I have to go with Halford. Especially in light of both the new Priest records being so good.
  12. I used to use spotify regularly until they changed the way it operated. Now I default to YouTube if I'm on the go or my record player if I am at home. I definitely enjoy the ritual of going to the record store and to me there is no substitute for vinyl. However, to keep on topic, no I do not currently use spotify.
  13. Good for you friend. I unfortunately am still addicted to caffeine. My work started putting something called Bang energy drink in the cafeteria and it has about 300 mg of caffeine per can. Needless to say I am absolutely hooked on them and consume at least one up to two a day. I'll have to give quitting another try.
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    Recently got a candlemass piece (skull being punctured by a rudimentary crucifix)
  15. Not sure if I need to do another one of these but it has been awhile so what the hell. Hello again, I still dig death, thrash, doom, black, and many other forms of metal. For those of you that remember me I did successfully tie the knot hence the hiatus. I look forward to resuming my lurking upon this forum. That is all. Carry on.
  16. I made chicken parmesean a few days ago and im broke so thats what ive been eating over the 3 day period.
  17. I will likely be working but ill probably watch a horror movie and listen to the misfits.
  18. I had burgers last night too and we had mango jalapeno stuffed chicken sausage.
  19. Its been a journey im down to 1 cup of coffee per day. Next is going to be a switch to chai tea and then green tea. Thanks for the well wishes
  20. For lunch today im having pollock with a side salad. Tonight im having stuffed peppers.
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    Yes but he was a known bigot in many other realms. I also have profound disgust for his cult and its current leader so youll have to forgive me but my opinion of Hubbard will always be low.
  22. Today I had homemade chicken soup. Tomorrow I am going to have mexican food again. We have those here just under a different name (Whoppers. Trust me i would have named them differently). As far as candy goes im a M&Ms guy.
  23. Pirate jargon aside fish and chips is always a delicious proposition. So we will allow it.
  24. This evening im going for mexican. Shrimp Rancheros. Fucking delicious especially after an 11 hour shift.