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  1. Nice a fellow cider drinker as well. Yeah I agree with your sentiments sadly I have family also in Sweden (Uppsala) and I am a bit nervous to visit them any time soon =/ as for my Norwegian family they are up in Trondheim which I plan on a visit but would feel like it would have to visit both parts but I will talk to them more about a plan. As for ciders, do you have any favorites?
  2. I have family in Norway and Sweden that I visit, usually we all drink danish beer, (part of it is because it cheaper) , but I like most of the beers ive tried. If you have a sweet tooth, (as I also appreciate sweet things) try some ciders especially the non dry ones will be sweet and pleasant. There are also some beers that will add some fruit post brewing to make them more sweet. But I usually will go for a cider instead of a fruity beer, but I like both.
  3. Wow I like Blood Ceremony its like a mix of classic heavy metal with the traditional psychedelic groove to it. Alright another recommendation, I think I will just add videos in This band its black metal with atmospheric elements in it Skogen
  4. That makes scene, I am useing a snark also in along with a keyboard to tune my strings instruments. I dont think less of you at all for having paper on the strings i actually think its a good idea, its like when in piano they put masking tape on the piano keys to learn the notes. I am still learning more about my harp but i was having alot of fun with the peddles on it. Do you know songs or written any on your hammer dulcimer?
  5. Thats awesome I think hammer Dulcimers are also a good fit for some folk metal, I recently got a harp and just experimenting with it. Have you played hammer dulcimer for a while?
  6. Yeah Ajattara is pretty great, and I like the "Shaman" vibe they have in that song, at first I was like what the hel is this now i am like YES what the hel is this XD Fearless is pretty good I think I heard them a while back. Dawn of Solace is like a more mellow My Dying Bride to me. Aephanemer has some of that new wintersun flair and also has a female vocalist, they are nice to hear. Bob Catley is a nice nod to early heavy metal More Recommendations Alkonost (Russian Folk Metal) Example Track: The Indiscernible Path| Septic Flesh (Melo Death symphonic Doom Metal) Examp
  7. The issue with pateron is that its a waste, what do you really get? Do we really want all bands to turn into EA? While theres something wrong with currently not buying the music to begin with. For smaller bands especially metal it makes a difference.
  8. Also good idea with adding the song recommendations next to the bands! Wow Astralium is a bit like Nightwish in some ways! Dialith, has some well written parts to it Fearless, adds some interesting instruments thrown in which I rather enjoyed. Serpent, adds some of that COB feel that I miss while still being their own thing. Alright Some more recommendations Draconian (Goth Metal) Song Recommendation Silent Winter. FEJD (Folk Metal) Song recommendation Härjaren Ajattara (Death Metal) (Finland) Song Recommendation Verivalta (for a funny strange song they did that I
  9. I am right now just messing around on some, learning how the scales are. I may search some online sources and watch some people playing it, then just keep at it. XD
  10. As I do sympathize with musicians and artists who are trying to make money from their craft, and think its sad no one will buy your 10 -15 cd, mp3 or mp4s, that can last virtually forever, people will buy a your shirt for 20. This usually just helps larger bands who can tour on a tour. I though it was strange he need3ed a whole studio also, but I thought well perhaps he would help out other smaller bands to get their stuff recorded as well. I think Jari is just trying to get money from any platform because in this day an age people are making money form random things they do on pateron (I
  11. Yeah it reminds me of when Turasis was getting popular with battle Metal, its not bad, it better than their most recent album, but it still is missing the original heart of Einsiferum, Jari really did add alot to the themes and melodies that I feel is lacking. And to keep this convo in the theme of Recommendations I will attach a random Folk Metal band I like Wolfhorde
  12. I Indeed I do like those bands. I am giving The Meads of Asphodel a listen its pretty funny, int4resting and surprisingly catchy! XD Bal Sagoth and Carach Angren is good stuff too Skyforger also an excellent band. If you like some good female vocals in folk metal (they also have a male singer that does growls) Alkonost is great even with their newest singer she does a great job too, but the one form the album the path we never made, especially on songs like the indiscernible path is just so well written melodically for folk singing this way. I like this sharing XD
  13. Ah that's interesting, well the good thing about zines is that they can be made very cheaply, as interesting as the old school ones are now, i don't see them being as efficient for what they were meant for as the internet can be a easier and cheaper source of the information. But hey if something looks excellent and fun it may be something to get back into the metal genera.
  14. Thanks! I love sharing music! Seems you and I have lots of similar ones we like. Also if you have any you think I would like please share even if i happen to hear of them its nice to know other like them as well. XD
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