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  1. Hello, I love to get obscure metal bands and want to promote the love of such. I will start by listing a few of my favorites, please list the bands and add a description next to it. NOTE: If you really also enjoy a band you know or in, please least list it on the bottom and post at least two other bands above it, while mentioning your connection to it. I will start with these three and perhaps post more later. Svartby (Folk metal) Armagedda (Black Metal) Turmion kätilöt (Industrial Metal)
  2. Do people even want Zines for metal? Like perhaps when I was just starting out, but after a while just going though youtube, metal archives and bandcamp links me to the point, thier music that i can check out.
  3. Most of the time Metal content is just music XD, so checking out their individual band pages and youtubes can help you see what a band is up too. I know there is something called Beelzebubs that do almost chibi like metal comics based on metal humor, and Nemi that goes into some metal humor as well. But really just follow the bands you like for their content some goes into more than just their music, but I am mostly just wanting to listen to the music not just look at things that just memed metal.
  4. Ah well for me my family loved music just not always my type of music. I was interested in playing of course but my family was not always supportive of HOW I wanted to play. There is a support factor to it, but also an internal drive. Those who persevere even with hardships and friction have that passionate fire in them which is part of the heart of metal its self. Of course having someone to learn from is great but its not everything. What it really took for me was hearing music that inspired me. Also promoting self help/teaching tools that are easily available is a great way to reach out to those who do not have the support for them for such things. Also getting your first guitar I know how hard that can be but finding a friend group can help you at lest learn to play on a friends.
  5. Finntroll Satyricon Burzum Rakoth LIK
  6. Wow thats really ironic, he is trying to "protect a culture" while harming someone whos part of it. You have every right to write about this especially having connections to the culture, and even if you did not have connections having an intensest in something doent make it bad. I personally would tell someone to choke on their own vomit if they tried to do this to me, and make more lyrics just to spite them. Metal is suppose to be rebellious, make it anyways.
  7. Ah yeah it was not great I agree, I feel that Behemoth has been going down hill for a bit. As for a proper metal cover of the Forest (originally by The Cure) I think Carpathian Forest did a great job!
  8. Indeed I hope you get some to enjoy with some pals too! I also collect honey and wnat to try to make a mead this good at some point XD
  9. Månegarm is excellent, do you like Forefather and Myrkgrav?
  10. Well now that I know my favorite is the Viking Blood mead from Denmark. (Dansk Mjød is also the company name is and what it exactly is) They do a few different variety and some but this one is well deserving of the name, it also comes in a ceramic vessel instead of a glass bottle. Its my absolute favorite.
  11. Ah my favirotes is along list, but I will give a small break down as much as I can in no particular order. Finntroll, Einsfierum, Burzum, Isengard, Satyricon, Vintersorg, LIK, Armagedda, Darkthrone, Einherjar, Arcturus, Sirenia, Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Lumsk, Moonsorrow, Myrkgrav, Rammstein, Rakoth, Svartby, Windir, Månegarm, Turmion Kätilöit, Tyr, Type O Negative, Ajattara, Storm, and well many more
  12. 7/10 has great tone, a bit standard in the genera. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ubryx5b5awo
  13. Finesterforst - Das Waldes Macht
  14. Music in general has an affect on the listener, tit has power to affect how you are feeling, and can be inspirational. The church was fearful of this and in old paintings you see the demons and music. In old pagan traditions music was poetic and skaldic. Metal especially is spiritual for me, it opens up passageways, and I also love when I make it.