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  1. all savage albums.the goat of mendes is one of my favorite black metal albums. such a great atmosphere on it and the vocals are some of the best death/black combination ive ever heard. extremely evil sounding.
  2. i actually just got that Wintersun one the last day and ive only listened to it two or three times so far. sounds great but i really think i need to invest a bit more time in it, there's a hell of a lot going on in it. way too much good music coming out now. its hard to keep up with it all! ive just discovered Abigail Williams. i always put off listening to them for some reason. very stupid of me. im loving their first album 'In Shadow Of A Thousand Suns' killer keyboards on it. its by the same woman who did keyboards on cradles 'Darkly Darkly' album.
  3. im not digging it at all. i was really hoping for a return to the riff. something they have forgotten about a long time ago. very disappointed with that song. the first song on that album is possibly the best thing they have ever wrote. beautiful song.
  4. thanks for taking the time to check it out man! and yeah regarding the drums, it was simply impossible to find someone to play this type of music so i just settled on the programmed ones.
  5. our full album is up as a free download from our bandcamp page. enjoy. https://theblessingway.bandcamp.com/
  6. i could never get into the more speedy songs by type o. i really felt that bloody kisses was let down by the faster songs and as far as i know they were leftovers from the debut.
  7. ah man check out the fire still burns if you havent yet. they did an amazing job of that song. also i still rate damnation and a day quite highly, the last good thing paul allender put his name to. havent enjoyed a cof album all that much since then and the last two i just cant listen to at all. i hate that new drummer they have now. its just constant blast-beats.
  8. yeah man im on another irish metal forum and to be honest theres not too many fans of that type of metal around ireland so its good to be here! also i posted a song from my band, The Blessing Way, on the promote yourself thread. check it out im sure you will enjoy it if you like that type of stuff
  9. will do, ive heard nicks vocals aint too great live though. nut once they play embers fire and enchantment ill be happy.
  10. im currently listening to the new lacrimosa album. nothing much new going on in it but enjoyable all the same.
  11. i honestly think their last great album was brave new world. the albums after that have dipped in quality quite a bit. still a few belters on each one but brave new world as a whole was nearly perfect.
  12. blessed1


    im actually a tattoo artist myself , some nice work being posted in this thread.
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